Wednesday, December 21, 2005

WATER -- according to moi ; )

lovely shot, I KNOW I KNOW, THANX ; )

Water to me is like... dunno how to describe it... "I haven't made eyes" at anything like it.. Don't even know wether to say it or them ! (ie. precious water molecules)I don't have the "percision of words" talent to describe its delicacy & power...IT JUST HELPS ME TO KEEP MY CHIN UP SOMEHOW...AND I DON'T MEAN HERE WATER WE DRINK. (unfortunately, I don't drink water as much as I am supposed to)


Every water molecule has its own unmistakable identity...

Water is in a constant state of flowing; it moves continuously as long as it is able to.

Water Purification, Elegance = Simplicity

Bright water, Dark clouds

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