Sunday, December 18, 2005

Outlandish, 'Closer than Veins'

"We created the human, and we know what he whispers to himself. We are closer to him than his jugular vein. "

1. Introspective

2. Any Given Time

3. Look Into My Eyes

4. Just Me

5. Kom Igen - feat. U$O, ADL & Salah Edin

6. Nothing Left To Do

7. Beyond Words - feat. Burhan G

8. Words Stuck To Heart

9. Reggada - feat. Taibi & Dany Raï

10. Callin’ U

11. Sakeena

12. I’ve Seen - feat. Sami Yusuf

13. Una Palabra - feat. Majid

14. I Only Ask of God

15. Appreciatin’

Listen to Closer Than Veins & My Ummah (FULL ALBUMS!) AT THE BOTTOM OF

2 "Any Given Time" 2

Im out to fight the devil but never fought myself…
I read a thousand books but I never read myself,
My soul starving and I fear, Lord I need your help!
the hell with the devil my biggest enemy is myself
it makes me wonder if im doing this for the right reasons
i mean the money the fame, the game all sounds appealin
but instead of entertaining i prefer to enlighten
but then again who am i to be in the position
to represent a whole generation of kids and to make them believe
when till this day i still struggle to uphold my deen
i read a hundred God is Greats in less than a minute
and though my tounge is fast, im twisted, as my hearts not in it

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