Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Soil is the well spring from which nature brings our essence.

"From soil we take our sustenance, to soil we return. Soil is an entire world below our feet."

A Line from Here to Eternity

"Is there any doubt
that we walk a line
between the finite and the eternal?"
I say as I turn to my comrade

"What do you mean?"
my companion replies,
sitting down on the shores of
a dried up Martian lakebed.

I pick up some of the red soil,
scattering it to the wind of this alien
world. I stood up, looking out to the stars
"follow me, and you will see."

Each star in a cataclysmic cycle of
birth, life, death, and rebirth.
the blazing phoenixes
that dot our night sky.

Have you ever parasailed
through the vibrant clouds of a nebula?
Or gone ice fishing
on Jupiter's moon, Europa?

We live in the universe, the eternal,
yet we are the inhabitants, the finite.
The vast expanse that we call our home,
and these tiny specks that we call life.

"Come," I say to my friend.
"Let's go somewhere far away,
to cross the sky and touch a star,
a journey from finite to eternal."

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