Monday, August 06, 2007


Is it really that I’m homesick? Is this how it feels like? Well, I feel dry.. Real dry.. Like a rough wooden surface.. It’s like the water of the world wouldn’t soften at least one millimeter of my surface.. And my inside is so thirsty that all it sees & smells is a bunch of mirages.. I miss me.. As I said earlier, home lies within one’s self really more than anything else.. And my being is just molded into something else right now.. I’ve been trying to absorb my surroundings’ attitude, but fail to grasp any logic.. It’s all been beyond logic lately.. But there is this one thing that shook me & brought my heart back to life.. A couple of lines sent to me by my pudding.. He sent a message yesterday that would knock down all love letters ever written : ) .. He sent mama saying: “Mom, please tell sara that I was very worried & anxious last night that I couldn’t sleep at all.. So I went to her bed & felt so at ease that I fell asleep in less than a minute.. Tell her I’m soooo sorry I slept in her bed.. Please accept my apology..” I swear to God this was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.. You know what pudding? I think as soon as I come I’ll bake you the best cookies ever, inshaAllah.. And fill them with billions of M & Ms.. And you can sleep in my bed until I come back puddingyyyyyyyyyyyyy : )
"Why do I feel lonely,
when I have You by my side
I am lost, show me the way
it is all fake
it looks so original
so inviting
attractive, true
long lasting
I am off tracks
how me another signal
another then another
I am demanding
just like You
Help me Lord
Show me the way
Dived and drowned out
All tired and lost
Weak and meek
The mask of me
Will fade like the rest
Help me with the ropes
Help me to climb
So I can climb down
This hill called life."
By Momekh..


Maqsood Qureshi said...


Pronunciation: (nos"tu-mā'nē-u, -mān'yu), [key]
intense homesickness; an irresistible compulsion to return home.

Mohamed A. H. said...

so little is what we have, so long is the road.

My Allah bless you sister

sara said...

But waAllahi, by Allah, this li'l that we have is enough for the long road.. It's just that we don't see right..