Tuesday, November 25, 2008

M O S H Y <3

Moshy is my childhood's 'best friend', with whom I learned more about the different colors of life..
But with time, & around the seventh grade we went our separate ways; the waves of life took her away to a new land & distance did come on the way.. After years, we talked briefly over the phone, without seeing each other.. And only last night, I saw her picture in her white dress, that one that every girl dreams of! Goose bumps & tears didn't leave me & thoughts & memories haunted me ever since! How? When? What? We're not kids anymore? I mean today, I was counting the exam papers & kids in my class, & mistakenly counted them as 32 while they were only 31! Was I considering myself one of them?!!!! Moshyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy got married! Wooooooorld! My Moshy got married! Habeebet alby!
I was thinking, you know, there is a nice trick I use sometimes to see more into people: I just think to myself, they were a kid once, easy sara, easy on them; they weren't born like so.. Seeing Moshy's eyes, they were the very same! With all the make up & what not not, I saw the same old Moshy! When did she grow to become a beautiful young lady living with a man all on her own? Am I looking like her? When did we grow so fast? You know what was the first thought that crossed my mind after seeing that pic? Does he know the Moshy I know? Will he take care of her? Does he know how fragile she is? My Moshy? Does he know that she is a great song writer? Did she tell him about the songs we sang together & about that delicate artist in her? Did she tell him how her house used to smell like? Did she tell him how good her dad took care of her & that he should do the same? Did she tell him that she's never been touched by another man & that she's as pure as the freshest bud? Did she tell him that she hates lies & that she's never lied & expects him to do the same? Did she?
All I can do now is pray & pray & pray for you Moshy.. May Al Wadood grant you both the joy that fills your hearts & may it pour out to the world that surrounds you.. May your love grow & fill our world with all that is gracious & blessed.. Amen <3
Remember Moshy? remember this:
One M loves S, Two S loves M, Three M & S, 1 2 3 I love you <3


Gold said...

Remember November, and Autumn's clear sky
The Month when Moshy, intended to fly
May all of her wishes, in happiness come true
For she is so blessed, to be loved by you

Enough said? :)

sara said...

No, not enough ;$

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum Sara :)!

You know,some days ago I thought to myself,that I can not wait to read this post of yours,because I felt it would be a nice one.I like to read about friendships.Especially if these friendships are so unique as the one with your friend Moshy!
I think it is normal that we tend to remember everything from the past when one of our friends gets married.I had this experience this summer when one of my friends married.Because of that I was very happy that we had a bye-bye part with her just some weeks before the wedding.It was important to be together again and just have some old good girly fun.I would recomand that to every girlfriends group!
I like it very much that you mentioned that sometime you remember that some people were children as well.Years ago I read in one psychological book that it is not good that grown-ups forget that themselves and their friends and family were also children one day.It just would put everything in a different perspective!
Oh and finally...yes,as Gold,I also think that Moshy is very,very,very lucky to be loved by you :)!
You should visit Moshy and speak with her about the good old times...maybe by a good cup of tea.

Have a nice weekend my dear.Love ya so muchy =)!

sara said...

Alaiky assalam Natashaaaaaaaa :)

I really wanna thank you sooooo much for taking of your time to read me :) Never did I ever think that my words would reflect how I feel so much.. Thank you for hearing me out with you heart from so far away.. I truly love you Natasha & wish you the very best.. I wish you love, light, truth, joy & blessings from The Most Loving.. Amen :)


I loooooooooooooooove the girly get togethers.. I love it when we lay back, laugh & be ourselves.. It has this taste.. You know what I'm talking about :D

Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend her wedding or even see her since we were so young.. But I hope to do so soon :)

And hey, thanks for sharing what you read in that book, I actually thought it was only my theory ;) I'm glad it makes sense :)

As for what Gold has said, you guys give me more than I deserve :$ I'm seriously thankful for meeting you both, learning from you & seeing the world through your eyes.. Thank you guys for sticking around :)

I wish you a great weekend filled with sunny skies :)


Anonymous said...

Moshy is my cats name too :D

His name is Bagheera but for some reason we started to call him Moshy, which is derived from Meaw which he seems to respond to more than his real name :P

sara said...

Bagheera, LOL :D

I miss my kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(