Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Their Nile.. My Nile..

Will I be able to drink from it anytime soon? Which land will carry me next? Where to? Questions that I never find the answers to in the 'teacher's edition'..
When someone gets real weak & you feel paralyzed & don't know what to do to help, look into Qasim's face.. Trust me, you'll feel joy hitting you right in the saddest part engraved deep down inside of you & turn it into a positive push.. A push that will help you fix things on the other
side that will eventually strengthen that weakness you couldn't help 'em loved ones with :)
Nothing goes to waste, ever!


Restful Rain said...

Lonely and in pain...tired waiting, to hear a familiar voice
Saw your blog and it touched a deep part of me…

قصيدة said...

This is a nice blog
It realy touched our heart
Go ahead

sara said...

I hope you'd be in pain no more :)

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

sara said...

Sherebt min nilha, we yemken arohlaha soon :)
Enty/enta sherebt?