Friday, November 21, 2008

** My Everything **

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It's amazing how ........................ Isn't it? It always makes me wonder about so many things, & of those things: "do I really wanna know what's there waiting for me? Do I?".. Of course I rely totally on His Will, but something's always gotta give!

Ya Allah! You Are Truth! You Are Light! You Are My Everything! You know what brothers & sisters, it's pretty relieving having Him as your everything! IT IS!

Whenever I'm happy, I get this tingly feeling in my chest, coming right from my heart, & I always wonder if there's a physical theory behind it, & I don't even care now if there's one; 'cuz right now, that's how I feel, & it feels good! I wish I can share it with everybody..

This is exactly how I feel now!

Allahu Akbar :)



Assalamu alaikum Sara :),

I was so glad to read that you are feeling better and so near Allah.I guess if one feels that,than one is really on the right path.I think it is true,one should just feel happy without wondering why and how :).
Thanks for all the videos you posted in these days.I think I understood the sense.I wish I could speak Arabic :).The music from this post touched me somehow,even though I did not understand the words.I really like it when people call for Allah.
A strong hug,along with a mwah :) from your Natashaamina from Ankaran where the weather is cloudy,humid and cold...but you never know ;) when it will turn out warmer and prettier.


sara said...

Sweetest Natasha,

I'm soooooooooooooooooo mad right now! I wrote this looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong comment & it flew off! :'(

Anyways, it happens!

Feeling good & grateful is the biggest blessing one could ever have, & I believe you out of many others would know what I'm talking about ;)

As for the videos, all I wanted to share was the sense, not words.. I'm so glad you got it :)

And hey, cold & cloudy is the best thing for me, let's switch places, shall we? :)

A squashy Lulu-like hug coming your way.. In case you were wondering, Lulu (not my sister) is a cute li'l girl who squeezes me every morning and hardly lets go off me :) I'm blessed by teaching her <3


Saretta (f)

P.S. Wonderful world was just playing on T.V. & just yesterday, mama & I were discussing the song.. Don't you just love & respect Louis?


Ohhh,I hate it when I write something and than it gets delated :)!
You like cloudy and cold :)?Well,yes me,too...:),but sun is also O.K.,or :)?
Allah bless the child Lulu and her hugs.You're really lucky to have this.
Louis?I'm a little confused...who's that :)?
Have a nice weekend and Natasha like hug to your way!

sara said...



Ooohhh...of course Louis :)!
So nice!Thank you Saretta!

XO and XO

sara said...