Friday, November 28, 2008

U n s a i d W o r d s . .

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How many good words do we lock inside & fear spilling out? How many nice feelings do we refrain from sharing; thinking that by doing so, we'll be stronger?! :(

I just read one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.. It came from someone who says it out loud whenever & wherever.. In the short time I've known her, I saw in her some beautiful stuff that you'd hardly get to see nowadays.. Well, my dear M. said: "My family is the reason I get up every day!!After 18 years, my husband still makes me laugh and gives me butterflies in my stomach when he smiles!!!!!" How gorgeous is that! MashaAllah :D

It's really good to live in peace starting from within yourself all the way out :) And that doesn’t come easily.. It comes after connection.. A real strong connection; with God, with yourself & with all that surrounds you..

And one of the best connections that I love experiencing, is connecting with the past.. Whether mine, or others’.. Last night, after talking about “our” national day, I started recalling all different things that happened on that day on each new year.. I remember when I was a bit younger, there was this roundabout -that was there for years- which was decorated in this simple way that always brought me joy.. It’s now no more than a memory that draws a smile on my face :)

One of the words that also gives me joy whenever it’s said is: “Labbayk”.. At a young age, our Qur’an teachers made this beautiful small ka’ba-like black box to teach us how to perform hajj.. God, what memories that day brings me! It felt like flying! Man, that’s my number one wish: Hajj! Khaaaaaaaloooooooooooo, I’m sooooooooo happy for you guys! You’re chosen, by HIM, from amongst millions; to be there this year, inshaAllah :D Mubarak inshaAllah uncolty :D

Labayka Allahuma labayk, labayka la shareeka laka labayk.. Inna alhamda, wa inni’mata laka walmulk, laaaaaa shareeka lak :D
Here I am at your service, oh Lord, here I am - here I am.. No partner do you have.. Here I am.. Truly, the praise and the favor are yours, and the dominion.. No partner do you have.. :D

Beyond words!

Allah holds the master plan and it's already written

The pens are withdrawn, the pages are dry... it's written!

Looking back on my life

Life that's gladly been given to me

Open my eyes and embrace the smile

Given to you & I

~ Outlandish ~


La illaha illa Allah :)
Allaaaahu Akbar :)
Alhamdulillah :)


And yet, there are words left unsaid..



P.S. Let's fast the "nine days" together :)


Gold said...

Unsaid words.. yeah.. an absolute sorry excuse of strength is what causes that.. maybe momentary strength but by time it eats you inside-out..

Specially words of truth, wisely said, can make u a lot stronger.. when said without wisdom could blame truth itself for being absurd, harsh, or radical, thus influencing others to turn away from it and seek what is untrue..

May Allah provide wisdom for those who speak the truth..

sara said...

Wisdom & truth.. Ameeeeen..

whoissecretdubai said...


Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

sara said...

Hello there,

Well, I have no clue, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Good,loving,inspiring words should be always said out loud!But,you,me and many others know that there are some words that are beter left unsaid.Or not?
oh Sara,i do not want to say always the same thing,but what else can I say :)...I really like your posts.I am now so much used to take time and read them carefully,because they always give so much to me.Your ideas,your music and videos make me feel so good.
I wish you all the best,always!

Anonymous said...


sara said...

Of course Natasha there are many words better left unsaid, but I was talking about the good words :)

Honey, thanks again & again for taking of your time.. I truly appreciate that.. It's one of the reasons I'm still here :)

Wish you H A P P I N E S S :D

Anonymous said...

Yes...I know you were taliking about the good words :)!
You are also one of the reasons I am still here =).


sara said...


Restful Rain said...

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart...I needed to hear these words...your words amaze me with the way it reachs my soul

malizea the french hijabi said...

so a good post thank u!

sara said...

Thank you from the deepest part of my soul! Bigad thank you!

Thank you!