Thursday, December 04, 2008

Know one another..

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"O people! Behold, we have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes to that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware." [Qur'an 49:13]

"Know one other".. A wrong/funny example of "knowing" one another is described here by Batouly..

I've met so many people in my life.. So many.. From all different backgrounds.. One thing I learnt, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

However, it breaks my heart when I trust my instincts, & after a while, they prove me wrong :'(


Restful Rain said...

Always take the risk and believe your INSTINCTS…Muslim's heart is his guide...When you let judgment interfere then you get confused...
Its not that they proved you wrong they just couldn't meet up with your expectations.

sara said...

Right :(

LuLu...! said...

O what a wonderful world this would be
if we all open our eyes to see
He is all that we need right now
and we can all come together somewhere...somehow
His door is open no matter who you are
just take the first step, you'll see it's not so far
Down this road that holds all the answers
open you heart to something greater
His holy book speaks pure and true
and always tells us what we must do
His Last Prophet was sent as a guide
an example by which we abide
There is salvation for those who seek
to find the one and only source of peace
An understanding of why we are here
who created us, who we must fear
Such different people from different lands
were all descendants of the first man
We can be one nation facing one God
with no hatred, no envy, no war
Created equal are you and I
which of his favours can we ever deny
We may have everything or nothing at all
but our purpose lies with this call
To worship Him, to praise Him all day
onto the straight path, lets not go astray
He is the Greatest and Most Merciful
and everything acts upon his will
Like every sunrise that brings forth each day
brings new meaning, new hope, a new way
Such is the blessing bestowed upon us
every hardship and heartache will pass
From the mountains to the deep blue sea
everything in perfect harmony
and as the stars fill the evening sky
without us sensing, life is passing by
So if you want a solution, my friend
seize this moment, this day before it ends
turn to Him, don't you see it's so clear
believe in Allah, He's always near

love u thith! ive been singing it all day today! lol

sara said...


YOU?! YOU?! AFter making fun for so long?! AHSAN :P

Keep singing :P


Gold said...

Knowledge is a very relative thing, yet yes, one should trust his instincts..

The instinct is never wrong, it gets colored as the other person makes his/her choices in life, or sets the intention to whichever direction..

Sometimes what happens is that this "initial instinct" is taken, stored, and acted upon, not bearing in mind to turn it on all the time and take frequent records of what it says..

The Hastiness of a Human Being brings him to conclusions based on first impressions (that could last for months), and then things don't go as the first impression stated, simply because one did not wait long enough to take the second, and the third impressions.

Man was Created of Hastiness.. SubhanAllah!

sara said...

Oh Abdo, very true words..

You know, sometimes, I think, I don't want to know anymore.. I don't want to learn anymore.. I don't wanna take anymore.. I don't wanna see anymore.. I don't wanna feel anymore.. I just wanna give, but I can't! "They" put me off in a way that kills faster than a bullet & more painful than 100 stabs!

Sometimes I feel that I'm "hastiness" itself, that no matter what I do, I wanna do more (good stuff), to a crazy extreme.. But, again, "they" put me off, again & again! Their hastiness to all that's damaging & all that's hurtful kills me from the inside out!


It's amazing how good people act to give a GREAT first impression! Just amazing! I learnt min zamaan not to rely on that, but to rely on my instincts, & there's a great difference there..

It's also amazing how YOU say it all in such a beautiful way that always ends up making me so proud to have met you & want to share your words with the world :)

Please do pray for me on this blessed day, & I'll do the same.. Pray for our ummah Abdo.. Pray for a change.. Pray for a real first impression.. Pray for pure souls, lighted hearts, loving minds & bodies that are always haste towards whatever is gooooood.. Pray with me..

We don't want haste that makes waste abadan..

Gold said...

I kinda stopped feeling, and then I stopped seeing and hearing, and then again stopped doing, so in the end stopped being.. My existence worthless but for myself, yet I don't have the authority nor the integrity to give, so I try to give myself the latter in order to really be eligible to give, and provide what is really good.

See? A chain reaction followed by conclusions, then certainly an action plan to be implemented, then a silent prayer to Allah for help on the way.


sara said...

Hmm, I see..

The problem with me is the "too much".. You see, 'wasateya' is the best road to take.. But I'm always too much as my dear ones say :(

Rabina yerhamna berahmito..

Allahu akbaru Allahu akbaru Allahu akbar, laaaaaaaaaaa illaha illa Allah :)

Kol lahza winnas kollaha to the better..

Ya Rab..

JASMINA said...

Assalamu alaikum Sara :o),

it was good to come back to your BLOG and take time to read in tranquillity this post.As always it is a pleasure to read your posts and the links you provide are so matching to what you write.The one you provide here is so funny :)!
You say quite often that you do not feel like you would give enough.Well,I think you do,considering only how much you give to us who are reading your posts.Saretta,as I said once before,you can not save the whole world.But,if you try and never stop than you do more than enough.
Regarding the instinct,I think we should act upon it,but somehow always come back and inquire it again and again (something like Gold meant).As much as for the first impression,I really have to tell you that I have learned that the second and the third count as well.I guess patience is the best answer regarding both instinct and impression.One should just let things to grow into him.However,sometimes the instinct can be so strong and thus true.
To sum up,I would like to tell you that I have one rule:Never trust people who are too nice.Never trust angel-faces!

Mucy,muchy love my dear Saretta and never let "them" to get you!

sara said...

PATIENCE, you got it right miss!