Thursday, December 25, 2008

There's definitely a hero..

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Yeah, so I was thinking, why do we always throw the seeds of the fruits after having 'em? I think it'd be better if we save 'em & then plant them, or give 'em to those who do that.. Whenever I have a date, I feel so bad when throwing it's seed.. I'm thinking not to any more..


I'm not much of a reader, I wish I was.. I enjoy reading so much when it's a good read.. When it has a lotta flying & drifting in it.. And when I'm in THAT mode.. Mode is the secret to it all.. I fear the future with its seasonal moods.. Swinging ones.. I fear not having the power to contain it.. I fear having people who wouldn't help & support me when need be..

I read a very old love letter today, full of inspiration & lovely dreams.. I wonder how she felt when reading it.. I also wonder how he grew to be so.. So.. So loving.. Where's the love, the love, the love..

We need to know that the purpose behind our creation is filled with LOVE.. If we realize that, things are surely gonna get better!


Gold said...

There's too much to read, and one would be humiliating himself not to attempt and get a portion of it into his brain.

I believe that those times we're living in, we should appreciate the first word in our message. I feel that it has been forwarded to us, the people of THESE times specifically, to carry the message of "knowledge" and nothing more, till power is gained through the working minds of the human beings that form the backbone of a society that once was and now has become something else.


So that we could Give.. smartly.. not just become the "kind believers" who smile sincerely but are viewed as the world's doormat.. who fall because of their kindness more than because of anything else..

With knowledge comes power, so gaining knowledge these days is more of a form of worship than any other time.. we miss leaders who speak with wisdom, so we should make them among ourselves..

"whenever i have a date, i feel so bad when throwing it's seed"

u can't even comprehend how many meanings this sentence carries..


sara said...

words > knowledge > wisdom > power > action to give smartly: that exactly is what makes a hero..

Thanks :)