Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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I love/d it:

When a cute li'l kiddo was blowing bubbles & this huge one came right at me, touched me, & decided not to blow up & carried on flying :)

When a butterfly came to our classroom & spread giggles all over my class :)

When I got sooooooo sick & saw that extreme unconditional love sparkle in their eyes :)

When we sat together & looked six again :)

When the kids in my class made me a star & a tiara :)

When the night turns into day :)

When I look at my room's curtains :)

When Pudding hugs/kisses me without me begging for it :)

When I feel God Watching over me :)

When R. imitated me & hung stars in her bedroom like the ones I hung for the class :)

When I see two birds together (I never see one on its own!) :)

When someone says something nice about someone behind their back :)

When I found that seat from between a hundred others :)

When daddy helps with our house chores :)

When I cause a real smile :)

When I write here :)

When you get me :)

When I get a real warm tap on my shoulder, & when............ so much more things to share, but I gotta go & gotta post this.. So smile, for God likes it when you do :)


utp said...

heheh...very nice and cute...

sara said...


Anonymous said...

O My Dear Hon, Missed you dearly .. :-)
And yeah .. I love it too ..


sara said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeey M.,

Missed you too! Looooooooooong time!

How's Tronto? I don't miss it much yet ;) Miss Ottawa MORE :P

Come back to blogging M.. We missed ya <3