Friday, December 18, 2009

Abu Zikry :D


Isn't it amazing the li'l things we ALL have that lighten up our hearts! There was this project that I was so impressed with & deeply believe that it makes us truly "take the time to smell the roses".. Well, it's called "30 days of Gratitude".. Unique Muslimah made it through & brought the world a lovely project that brings in sweet thoughts of the "li'l big" things.. Here is her project :)

So today, I want to share something that I'm so grateful for:

M y L o v e l y G r a n d m o t h e r s :)

I've been blessed, since my birth, with the presence of my big family before the small one, if you know what I mean.. Sometimes, I used to sit back and think, isn't it a li'l ------- to have a lotta people watch you grow closely, and see all your failures before your successes! But you know what? Thinking that is a big mistake! Having more people, is having more pride, is having more honor, is having more knowledge, is sharing more feelings, is knowing more about "YOU" before others.. It's a plus & NEVER a minus! And especially having the elder family members living with you, I swear it's a blessing that we really need to appreciate!


Dear tetas,

I love you both so very much & I truly appreciate your presence in my life! I love it when you watch T.V. together, & run to read the paper first, and then discuss the world's growing problems & talk about the past & its charm! I love it when you watch those drama television series & not hear some words & blame age for that :D I love it when you read God's Book & wake each other up in the middle of the night for a special prayer that's heard by Him only, The Lord of the worlds.. I enjoy what you enjoy, only 'cuz you enjoy it.. AND I LOVE ABU ZIKRY & LOVE COPYING HIM TO MAKE YOU LAUGH :D I love you both so very much & thank God for your presence in my yesterday & pray for your blessed presence all through my today & my tomorrow, amen! And please forgive me if I don't show you this love, BUT I SWEAR TO YOU, I LOVE YOU <3


Anonymous said...

God bless your tetas
w enshallah yosalo bayek w e5tik bi 5ayr w ma ye7rimkon min ba3ed abadan

sara said...


Bloggy can't believe its eyes :D


I'm back to breathing Hillo :) Hamdulillaaaaaaaaaaah :)



Ya Rab yewsal bisalama Khalood & yenawar your home & have all your mama's yummyyyyyyyyyy fooooooood :D

mmmmmmmmmmmmwah <3

Unique Muslimah said...

Thanks so much for the mention sis :)

sara said...

Welcome sis :)