Friday, December 11, 2009

Una palabra..


"With empty palms people act empty,

Those who got a lot act like they don't have plenty..

So you say you getting places but you ain't moving at all,

Still some race on and some sit back and wait for His call.."

Walou ~ Outlandish


I've always loved this video clip.. "Walou" says a lot to those who want to listen..

It's a nice weather over here, extremely heart-lifting.. It rained this morning :) I wonder how it can feel "normal" for others when rain falls down! Rain for me is always a blessing! It's a miracle that truly makes our Earth a happier one.. And talking of Earth, kids in school ask me if the world will really end in 2012, FOR GOD'S SAKE FILM MAKERS, STOP THAT! Think of the li'l ones for once! God!

By the way, I realised something! The person who steals or takes something that doesn't belong to him/her, REALLY thinks that it's his/her right! This is where the problem lies, not the fact of stealing more than the fact of him/her truly believing that it's their right to grab things they need! How can you make them know, that's what you & I should be thinking about, not only stopping them by force!

Trust me guys, all things are WALOU! I wish I can explain how walou they are, but I don't know how to! I see everything as it really is.. Like money, I see it as paper, but I know that it's what people kill for.. I know it's what faith could be lost for.. But maybe I'm just an ignorant who never really knew what NEEDING it is like..

Let's open our windows & see past our walls, surely there's a lot out there that we know nothing about! But hey, watch for the wind and rain ;)




P.S. "Walou" is a Moroccan word that means "nothing"..

P.P.S. "De la nada sale el todo, y el todo se hace nada"..


LuLu...! said...

ur my soul..
ur my 7eart..
ur my mind..
and ur not my body.. :P

love u..


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