Friday, December 04, 2009

Take Chances :)

So the weather has been perfect lately, and the sky started enjoying the clouds.. It's the best time of the year, where celebrations take place and people start looking for a new phase.. They make new resolutions and wish upon stars for a brighter year ahead.. Looking back then becomes vital & helps a lot with what's coming ahead.. And then moments rush through, moments of joy, regret, love & remorse.. Moments blend in & come up with this new feeling that results in a new older you.. And you try to get on with whatever it takes to fit in the image you want to be seen in eventually.. However, let me ask you something, do you really think it's important to be someone you're not enjoying being; just to fill in the blanks? Or is it better to enjoy the YOU that you are today and take chances to bring out the best of that? Do you really enjoy the company of YOU? Do you know that if you don't enjoy your-self's company, no one will? Did you ever realize that? I miss myself sometimes! I feel like I can't find me.. Do you ever feel that way? Anyways, I can always find me in a warm mug of cinnamon milk :D

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