Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Here’s a bit of a paradox to get us started…all human beings are identical, yet all human beings are different. In other words, we all come in “fours�…but our “fours� may look and act differently than the other guy’s “fours�.
Humans may not all have the same shape nose or the same color of hair…but we’re all the same. We share a distinct uniqueness over and above all other creatures on earth. No other earthly living thing has our DNA, our abilities or our quality for life. You and I simply stand out alone as a unique species.
As human beings we all begin with the same ground rules for life even though we come from different cultures and backgrounds. We’re all alike in that we have the same makeup, the same needs and the same basic life relationships.
But, then, we are also different in our own special way. Every human being on earth is a unique and elite individual…no one person more valuable or significant than another.
The four parts that make up a human being are...
body (physical) mind (mental) heart (social) soul (spiritual)
Some people have trouble with the "soul" part...but the evidence is convincing that humans have a spiritual part to our makeup, as well as being physical, mental and social creatures.
Behavioral experts shed further light on our complex four-fold makeup with the knowledge that human behavior is created within one or more of these four areas of our life…(body, mind, heart, soul).
In other words, we behave the way we do because of our physical, mental, social and spiritual needs…whether or not we even understand what those needs really are.

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