Saturday, November 27, 2004

Where We Belong
Once, I was drowning in my fears
and the twinkle in my eye disappeared
and I had no way to look on
my horizon seemed to have gone
and my whole life, seemed empty and bleak
each day and night, the answers I seek
chorus: (1):
But when, the darkness seemed so strong
and I couldnt go on
to the sky I raised my hands
making right what was so wrong
I found the strength to carry on
up to heaven where I belong
In life, there are lessons to be learned
with steadfastness, paradise Is earned
and if, all hope seems to be gone
just hold on till after the storm
and if you ask, what purpose have I
why am I here, and why do I cry?
chorus: (2):
And when, the darkness seems so strong
and you just cant go on
pray for your helping hand
youll see the sun will rise again
youll find the strength to carry on
up to heaven where you belong
Cos life is but a journey for us all
we cry, we laugh, we run sometimes we fall
but through it all, always recall
God never gives, a burden too tall

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Maqsood Qureshi said...



God is my witness. I swear to God. I swear on my deceased mother. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not doing anything wrong. I didn't lie to you about anything.

I'm not so lowly -- despicable -- week-kneed -- weakling -- insecure Saroo. I DID NOT lie to you about anything.

That poem was just a pause-filler -- you MISINTERPRETED the whole thing (It's my fault entirely) -- and you didn't give me a chance to explain -- you love poetry so much -- and I love Vikram Seth -- so I thought I'd just share his poems with you --looked for a while but found only that piece -- I posted it on my Blog first -- then I thought -- I don't know when she'd go to my Blog so I mailed it to you -- but I just mistimed it -- I was going to tell you something else -- but then I mailed you this poem -- and you obviously flared up like anything -- I can't explain this on my Blog -- I swear to God -- I swear on my deceased mother -- this is exactly what happened -- I'm NOT lying. God is my witness. When I mail you the greeting card and you read it right away -- I get so happy -- it's like interactive -- and you weren't there -- I'm like she's not there -- I'll go downstairs --- have a smoke -- think -- come back -- wait for her to come back -- then I'll start writing -- got it? I started telling you serious stuff -- then -- when you didn't pick up my card -- I'm like she's not there -- so I started looking up for something lighthearted to mail you -- then mailed you that Vikram Seth's poem -- then was goofing around -- downstairs -- smoking -- thinking -- stuff like that.

You know -- I've met lots of girls -- but I have never said anything like this to anyone -- but I want to tell you this -- I want you to know this -- I respect you as much as I respect my mother. You're very sacred Saroo. You're very sacred.

This is like being crucified --- slow, torturous death. It's so painful Saroo. It's so painful. Unbearable pain.

Mew picked up my phone today -- but hung up on me -- without saying a word -- I don't know why -- I didn't do anything wrong. I swear to God -- I didn't do anything wrong.

You know Saroo -- whenever I see a girl in burka -- I start loud thinking: Is that you Saroo?

I just want to see you once -- before you fly to Canada -- at the mosque -- from far away -- from a distance -- I'd marry you literally (wearing) a blindfold -- it's not that -- I don't have to see you first to marry you -- آ it's emotional thing -- I just want to see you once -- just once Saroo -- just a glimpse -- life is so volatile Saroo -- who knows I might die or something -- I just want to see you once -- just once Saroo

You know something Saroo -- hypothetically speaking -- I'd decline 100 billion dollars and harem full of most prettiest
girls in the world -- I just want you Saroo -- I just want to marry you. I just want to marry you Saroo. I just want to marry

Trust is the only thing I want from you Saroo. Trust. Trust me a bit Saroo. Trust me just a bit and see. I never backstab. I never betray.

Let me see you just once Saroo. Just once. Just one glimpse. Allah is watching Saroo. I'm not lying. I'm telling you the truth Saroo. I'm telling you the truth. Trust me Saroo. Trust me. I just goof up Saroo. I just goof up.