Thursday, November 04, 2004

I-S-L-A-M, The Light Turns On
It says in the Qur'an, in sura 5, verse 3: This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you al-Islam your religion.
You can be your way and I can be mine!
My duty's here to teach and see the teaching is this rhyme!
Praying to Allah every day O.K.!
Reading the Qur'an to hear what Allah has to say.
Cause this is the way let us stop and go read it.
Your knowledge starts to grow and show cause see you now know!
Staying on the path of Islam isn't easy,
Pressure from you peers bring tears make you quezy,
But listen up hear ye, Allah is our creator,
Let me say that from clay was the way that he made us.
He put us in nations in many different places,
Unique different features like the features of our faces!
Check all the blessings of Allah that he's given us.
Open up your eyes and don't be ridiculous!
Think of All the times that Allah was perfecting you.
When times went rough then Allah was only testing you.
I'm in awe for Allah lends a true hand.
So come one and all and install al-Islam.
Ha-ha-ha they be laughing all hysterical,
But without Allah you know the homi's feeling terrible,
Allah as wali (protecting friend) you are free and believe me!
That people are thinking of joining al-Islam, it's the true key.
True believers faith is awesome yup!
And when you show your friends Islam they be saying hook me up to Islam!
Now I-S-L-A-M the light turns on!
Now I-S-L-A-M the light turns on!
Let the Nor (Light) of Allah keep you moving moving strong!
Deen to shun wrong and be keen,
Mind and the body needs to be focus and be clean,
Now praying and the fasting and the duties that are required,
Are never here to make us have a burden being tired.
But doing them will make you have a change for the best.
Confess, yes detest the western attitude's mess.
Just? yes... But zest for doing righteousness is nil.
Got to obey Allah and obey Allah's will!
So in conclusion the message is nearly this,
Practice Al-Islam and your life will be in bliss!
Now I-S-L-A-M the light turns on! 4x
Now not from the needle (drugs) or the liter (Beer) or the soda ("Coke is it!")
All enjoyment comes from Allah get your quota.
Now thinking about Allah when the good times cease,
Your soul will be at peace and your mind will be at ease.
Not smoking vine, eating swine, sipping wine, wasting time,
Will ever make a change for the better, yall know that...
But Allah has a plan you can try to understand it,
His knowledge is greater than any man on this planet.
Its best to submit for the test is legit,
Get this, Never quit, Allah will then admit us,
Paradise is nice and out sins he will remit from us!
I-S-L-A-M the light turns on! 4x
Let the Nur of Allah keep you moving strong!
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