Tuesday, November 09, 2004


To Vision, To Believe, To Dream
As my gentle soul observes this life,
I want to contribute to world peace.
Our society is in need of guidance,
searching, I ask for spiritual relief.
Closing my eyes for a moment or two,
a vision quest takes me safely away.
I can feel myself floating in time,
back to a playful, restful yesterday.
Warm, white sand caresses my feet,
as I journey along a desolate beach.
Rays of warm sunshine embrace my shoulders,
misty rainbows of hope are within my reach.
I hear the gentle flow of the ocean tide,
a soothing gift from the womb of mother earth.
I watch the fluttering wings of seagulls in flight,
silent moments comfort, I know my path is right.
To understand our destiny given,
we must stop to listen what is in our hearts.
Natural beauty gives a guiding light,
upon our journey we have selected to start.
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