Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Our four-fold makeup also defines the four relationships that we have in life…which are the physical, mental, social and spiritual relationships.
The “physical� relationship is one we have with the environment on which we depend for our physical life and health (air, water, food, etc.). It is in this relationship that our entire human system (body) interacts and survives. And what a system it is…an extraordinarily complex system of cells, genes, DNA, organs, senses, skeleton and skin…all of which must function in perfect harmony if we are to survive in good health. Check out some of the amazing physical aspects of your life in the book entitled, "Your Life And Beyond". The facts will simply blow your socks off! And, it's easy reading.
The relationship we have with other human beings is referred to as “social�. It too is a complex system of emotions and feelings… referred to as the “heart� (center)…but not to be confused with the blood-pumping organ also known as “heart�.
A third relationship we have in life is the uniquely private relationship we have with ourselves…the “mental� relationship that involves a close partnership of the brain (mind) and nervous system. It is here, in the secrecy of our thoughts, that no other human being is allowed access.
The fourth relationship (spiritual) is that which we have with the unseen spiritual world…to include a Higher Spiritual Power (God) and other unseen spirits. From a theological perspective we are identified within one of four groups of people in relating to the unseen spiritual world… atheists, non-believers, religious or children.
So then...we human beings are a complex creature of body, mind, heart and soul…that identifies the four relationships we have with the natural environment, with other human beings, with ourself and with the unseen spiritual world.
This defines the total human experience as a composite of physical, mental, social and spiritual “parts�.
Each of these “parts� is intimately related to the other parts. They must all function in perfect harmony in order for the person to be in “total health�. When one “part� is damaged or unhealthy, it will have an adverse affect on the other parts…the result being, the whole person is not enjoying life as he or she should be.

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