Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One plus one equals....?

I can add it all up, one plus one

It is weird isn't it? Things always happen when you least expect them.
From time to time, something would sprout out of nowhere to challenge existing pillars of truth, to make the formidable appear vulnerable and to reveal the cracks and crevices within the magnificence and majesty. Perhaps this is the real world order. This is the way things work. The world has its own balancing mechanism, to ensure that when something has achieved too much stability, something must present itself to disrupt this peace and tranquility. It can be said that such a measure is necessary, without which complacency would breed and in time, because of prolonged stability, apathy might also strive to dominate. The end result would be the turning against of the very stability that everyone had put their faith in from the start.

P.S.: My sis drew this :) And I captured it, made some changes, & then squeezed it down here forever... lol.

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