Monday, June 05, 2006


Patience, a virtue,

Hastiness, a vice,

Honor, a must,

Disrespect, an unnecessary lie.

Charity, great,

Greed, terrible,

Humbleness, exceptional,

Boastfulness, will cause you to stumble.

Love, a necessity,

Hate, comes to no good,

Wisdom, causes one to think,

Foolishness, one to brood.

Faith, heals,

Doubt, fails,

Hope, presses onward,

Despair, goes wayward.

To redeem, a blessing,

To enslave, a curse,

To pity, is alright,

To antagonize, is worse.

Mercy, empowers,

Intolerance, provokes,

Knowledge, encourages,

Ignorance, chokes.

To err, is human,

To forgive, divine,

One way leads to Hell,

The other...paradise.

== By Zachary W. Spurgeon ==

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