Monday, June 19, 2006


Some say they love Fridays, others say, Sundays, others Tuesdays… it’s because of a certain routine that they take by… or PAR example ;) , some say they are a night person, or a morning one, its ‘cuz of the same thing, ROUTINE… I’ve never had a best day of the week, or best time of the day, even though I have patterns and habits in life like fasting on certain days, or … you know, patterns, but in the face of all that, every day to me is a new one, every night is a new one… not just new, but brand new, it was never there before… am I being unclear here? I’m just trying to say that we shouldn’t stick to one theme in our lives… not one theme… I meant… you know what I mean… Or not?!!


Aria said...

omidvaram ke halet khoob bashe.
kheili vaghte ke ein weblog ro to Favorite I.E. save kardam( 1 salo andi ) va gaahan sari be einja mizadam. va hamishe mikhstam bedoonam ke ki hasti!!!

va alan bad az modt haa( 1 salo andi ) oomadam o ein ro baz goo kardam. entezari nadaram, ama age toonesti baram az khodet begoo.
sorry age vaghteto gereftam


sara said...

Waalaikum alsalam....
I didn't understand!!!!!!!!!

Small Blue Thing said...

I guess it's farsi... :|