Thursday, March 15, 2007

CoCkRoAcHeS dAy!

One of the scariest words ever..
It stands for a cockroach..
An Arabic word that creeps the hell out of me.. And oh, that has a family history.. Yep..
Mama broke her leg once after seeing one of them li’l creepy things.. So it’s a ‘genetic phobia’ I believe!!
Early this morning, while simply turning towards the monitor, I feel the presence of a big ‘sursaar’.. I roll my eyes trying not to believe my sense, but my sense won & it was a BIIIIIIIIIIIG one.. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :( I literally cried.. Don’t laugh.. It’s spooky.. Tears filled my eyes.. It took me a while trying to get over my goose bumps and come back to normal.. But that wasn’t just about it..
After reaching home safely, sis offers me a lollypop.. I noticed it had an animated grasshopper (or something like it) on it’s wrapping paper.. So I ignore that & open it, trying to enjoy my moment aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand heeeeeeeeeere comes another ‘sorsaar’.. A plastic one with the lollypop; for kids to play with!!
I’ll leave you now to picture the rest..
I know everything is created for a reason & that’s why I always wanted why they were created.. SubhanAllah! Would love to know the wisdom behind their existence..

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