Wednesday, March 21, 2007

':.ouR laddeR.:'

It’s so harsh seeing your loved ones being underestimated and taken too lightly ‘cuz of their passport identity.. It’s so difficult seeing them struggle hard and after that all they get is disrespect.. So mean! But you know what? The ladder we’re climbing won’t carry them.. It has no room for them soulless souls..
Prejudice is all over the place.. I’m sick of seeing it.. Tired of feeling it.. Hurt when hearing it.. I’m so sick of it.. But certainly what goes around comes back around.. If not in this life, then unquestionably in the next.. My prayer is that I never become a part of it.. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Oh Allah to You only I turn.. Lift this weight off.. Please lift this weight off.. I know that You won’t burden us beyond our means..
My blind trust is in You ya Allah..
I know my homework is always incomplete, but Your Mercy is all I seek.. It's never enough.. But You Are Allah..
Oh prophets of Allah.. No one will ever carry a heart close to yours.. Never Ever..


Unique Muslimah said...

beautiful reflections sister, may Allah give you and me and all of our brothers and sisters a peace of mind and the mercy of Allah. Ameen. Lovely blog:)

sara said...



Anonymous said...

I Love you


sara said...

I love you too grilly..
Missed you in the past few days ;)

Small Blue Thing said...

Just remember one thing _Allah never sends to us anything we can't carry upon.

Don't feel this a kind of test for your faith or any of these nonsense. It's just medicine for your knowledge. To grow up as a human being and never be with anyone as some people are being with my arab family...

Everyday, my wicked, defectous du'a are for all of you :)

sara said...

"Allah never sends to us anything we can't carry upon."

Say it again and again and again..

I'm living by your du'aas..

May Allah accept them all..