Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Superficial Religion"

You alone we worship
You alone we ask for help
Our anthem to our jobs
Where we sell ourselves

Superficial religion, its all I see
Just another expression of our vanity

For Palestine
We line up the streets
Rawanda Genocide
No one hears a peep

Fatima’s a good girl,
Cuz she puts on her scarf
But if the wind blows too hard
Then her stock will fall

Sufi Islam
Join the newest niche
Designer prayer beads
Marketed for the rich

Islam raised Bilal
It makes everyone equal
Ask a black man
Trying to marry an Arab girl

A talented gardener
His beards in full bloom
But if he meets a struggling farmer
He speaks words of doom
~By Ghazali (Saad Omar)~
WAllahi brother Saad I can't express how well put this was..
May Allah grant you all your wishes that are for His cause.. Amen.


Maqsood Qureshi said...

Saroo: Please teach me how to upload pics on my Blog!

sara said...

Well, when you creat a new post, you'll see a bunch of icons at the top.. Some for font, colour bla bla bla.. And then you'll see an icon looking like a landscape, it's called the Add Image icon.. When you click on it, a new box appears where it helps you uploading ur pic..

Hope it works with you.. And hope the pics you'll upload will be a good upload for the souls..

With respect,

Anonymous said...

The poem very well describes our current situation. We have become hypocrites & our situation will ONLY start changing the day we become sincere towards ourselves & most importantly towards our Creator. May Allah guide us to His right path.

ghazali said...


i was just cruising blogs and i found this one and then i saw my poem up, mashallah, thats so kind of you. i really hope that it leads to meaningful dialogue, we really just need to start talking about some of this stuff but even more importantly, we need to move past the level of discourse and into the direction of sustainable/meaningful change.

may Allah bless this blog and all of you.

-saad omar (ghazali)

sara said...

Thank me for posting this poem?!

If I can hang it in my room, I’d do that.. Not only my room, but the world’s rooms.. people’s hearts.. If I can give out a lecture to the universe on this poem, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.. But the speakers have to be loud.. But no matter how loud, some people have veils put on their eyes and hearts.. And only Allah can clear things and guide people..

Wallahi brother Saad I’m honored to have a brother as yourself.. May Allah assist you in all that pleases Him.. Amen.

With respect,

PS. Wish I can help you in whatever project you do for His cause..

Lalla Mona said...

I AM SOOOOOOO IN LOVE with the pix u put, really beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
That is a wonderful poem.

Whom do I ask to respectfully copy and distribute?


sara said...

You'll have to ask brother saad omar (ghazali)..
He's written this poem..
Here's his e-mail address:

With respect,

safomar1 said...

of course you can distribute or whatever you want to do