Friday, March 30, 2007


I can do it! Yep.. Me.. I can.. Really can.. I am.. Aha.. I actually am.. It’s fun.. Educative..
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Cutely embarrassing ;) Inspiring.. Tiring.. & most importantly for ME..
It’s FOR ME.. It suites ME.. It goes with MY state of being.. It improves MY state of being..

I really am enjoying my new job.. Some don’t really get it.. Or believe I ‘deserve more’.. Can’t explain it really.. I’m not teaching, in a straight line.. But I’m teaching! In my very own ‘saatyyyy’ way of teaching.. Yeah.. I miss kids.. MISS them! I miss their purity.. Their honesty.. And I believe I’ll go back to them God be Willing.. But not now I guess..

One thing about me, I enjoy dealing with people.. Different kinds of them! No really.. It’s so inspiring.. The way they ARE.. The way they react.. The THING that
Mohamed talked about & have felt.. I don’t know if he’s sick of them or what.. I wish he would come back to letting it all out.. The THING.. WOW.. Please come back, will you? Please? There is still khair, you know.. Until the last day.. There is & will be khair.. It’s a matter of patience.. Patience all through out..

The best part is that I am me.. So me that I can’t be more contented.. And thanks to the humane humans I deal with.. And that’s why I took it.. Took this responsibility.. They wanted me for who I am.. And accepted me for who I really am.. Not who they want me to look like.. Or become like.. Or change to be like..

May Allah assist me in fulfilling this duty to my level best.. The very best of ‘saatyyyy’.. Amen. Oh Lamoona, how I miss you! & can’t wait to see li’l zatoona :) Can’t wait! And your mommy.. aaawwwww :) Khalo! our lamoona will be completing 3 years living now.. Jumping around spreading love.. AlhamduliLlah.. MashaAllahu kan wa ma lam yahsa lam yakun :) May Allah protect her.. Amen :)

Oh, isn’t this shot (up) the best?! I’d really like to know what you all feel about every bit of it.. I didn’t take it.. If you click on it, it’ll take you to its photographer whom I fully respect :)

And please pray for me.. :)

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