Monday, April 02, 2007

"A story? No, just an incident"

"One man's story cannot be compared to the story of life, if compared it might appear as just one simple incident, it can be the best of incidents if it results in giving benefit to someone, just supplying any other incident with what it takes to make it benefit other incidents, and so forth. So we are living incidents, or let's say instances of a life, smaller that the whole thing, bigger as we get closer to ourselves. Not much sense is made, but if you understand this, you can understand me."


noora said...

salam there...beautiful post...btw u have been tagged...hope u dont mind :)

Ravi Karandeekar said...

Hello! It is great. Very Poetic. I enjoyed it. Some times, i surprise my self. Because it is not exactly my kind of a stuff, and still i not only read it but actually enjoyed it too! God bless you!

sara said...

Salam back ;) LOL
nawara, nice having you over :)
Why would I mind?
Will do insha Allah..
Love you :)

Brother Gold felt it and wrote it.. It touched me too.. It actually meant a lot..

God bless.