Friday, April 06, 2007


“They say that women change

But you are ever constantIn your changefulness

Like that still thread

Of falling river

One from source to last embrace

In the still pool

Ever-renewed and ever-moving on

From first to last

From first to last

A myriad of water drops”

~By Mr. Randolph Henry Ash~

Well, I possess 21 solar years now! Actually on the 5th of April that was.. 21 solar years.. Even the day I was born in was an "israa and mi'raj" day.. But it has changed.. How many lunar years I wonder! I’ve definitely changed.. And through all the changes, I’m still ME! With the angels on my shoulders.. Counting it all.. But wooooooohooooooow! I changed! I look at my hand & it’s different.. I look at myself in people’s eyes & wow! They surely see me way differently than they used to..

“There are things that happen not spoken or written of.”
~ By I don’t know who.. ~

Yeah, I’ve learnt a lot.. Learned how to fax, but still wonder how it goes?! How even connection itself has changed over the years?! How khalo got my face to
be a part of an eatable piece of cake?! How we can love so much, & yet are capable of loving more?! How is it that as much as we learn, there is & always will be a lot more to catch up on?!

Bismika Allahuma amooto wa a’hya..
With Your Name, O Allah, I die and return to life


Anonymous said...

hello.... love and miss you sooooo much!!!! Glad everything sounds like its going good at the new job :)
XXXXXX leanne

sara said...

Loooooong time seniorita..


sara said...

Thanx to brother Nuh I can see now..

I was born on Saturday 25 Rajab 1406 A.H. And 25th of Rajab will be the 8th of August in 2007..

So on the 8th of August this year, I'll be completing living for 22 lunar years..

Lunar years ar shorter than solar years..