Monday, April 09, 2007

my first car accident :)

Did you ever see a horse bump into the other, by mistake?! Or a bird?! Or an ant?! Fish?! Yeah, well, us humans maybe!!


Okay my first car accident,

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I’m okay, not a scratch.. Praise the Lord.. Very slight bump.. But hey, you know what? We HAVE to have car insurance! I asked the policeman, and he said that it’s the law.. It’s a must.. Isn’t insurance haram?! And next thing, he tells me while smiling “wow, you’re religious”!! Come on! You don’t even know me.. Why do people judge so fast?! I do so at times.. But try not to.. However, the taxi driver was respectful..
Today marks the first day of sara calling a police station.. It was casual and smooth.. Nothing like the movies..

PS. Huda was over, and while talking, I tried to remember this word that means saying whatever is in your heart or mind.. But nothing! We even called friends.. It’s not honest, nor frank, blunt, outspoken, na na.. None of that.. I think it has M or something.. AAAAAAHHHH, can't remember!


Gold said...

Well alhamdulillah that u are fine after this minor incident with the police,

and just a small comment, that i don't wanna start a debate with, recent studies by various Azhar scholars have proven that a lot of types of insurance are not Haram..


sara said...

First of all I'm honored to have you visiting and caring about this..

I really looked into this matter and got lost..

And it seems that you've been exposed to what I've been exposed to in the internet world.. NEVER ENDING DEBATES.. And mostly debates that usually lack respect..

Jazaka Allahu khairal jazaa..

And you know what? My heart tells me that it's okay.. Okay 'cuz there isn't much that I can do about it.. Like some other things..

With respect,

PS. Do you have any idea about courses given in Azhar? English courses? Only courses, not programs.. As I've contacted them almost two years ago, and there was none.. 'cuz I've been teaching in this new muslims field for almost three years now & would like to learn something new that would support me..
I'm an arab (egyptian), but wanna learn something in the language that I use in lecturing..

Anonymous said...

When you are on the road, accidents will happen. something beyond your control.
However, its not important how you drive but how you navigate and it comes with experience.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that you are safe.

sara said...

It all comes with experience.. :)
It all comes with experience.. :(
It definitely comes with experience..

Small Blue Thing said...

Oh, why didn't you tell me?

_anyway, is there not a kind of halal insurance, as there are halal Banks? There are halal credits now in Spain, and some of them can generate zakats even.

sara said...

It was nothing serious dearest..

And regarding banks and insurance.. Well I can't tell.. Nowadays a lot of things are "said " to be "halal"!

Missing you:)

Javier Hoppes said...

Car accidents can happen to anyone. Good thing it was only a slight bump. Was your car scratched? Who was the other party involved? I hope everything was settled right away since its only a minor collision -- no harm done at all.

-Javier Hoppes

Amy Baron said...

That’s always what’s important – to have no serious injuries, if not none at all. It might not cause you any physical pain, but it should’ve awakened you mentally. Always stay alert on the road since you can never know how the other drivers are doing behind the wheel. :]

Mike Clark said...

How are you doing now, Sara? I hope you already have car insurance. For me, it’s imperative for car owners. For one, it protects you from liabilities should you be involved in a car accident.