Sunday, July 13, 2008


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I sooooo wanna cry right now! I feel soooooooooo bad! What am I good for, like honestly? What? WHAT? What am I good for? Nothing! I'm good for nothing! Everyone around me is good for something & I'm good for N O T H I N G ! I can't even cook rice! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhh! I boiled the water & did everything as I was told, but it turned out like a total disaster! ugh! Why am I like that? Why can't I do anything properly from A to Z?

I'm so spoilt! Lived 22 years in extreme love & pamper & I feel guilty for that :( Look at me, I'm sitting in my very comfortable sofa, having a fresh pomegranate juice, protected from hungry eyes out there, choosing my dessert, having the best view, going canoeing & still whining! What do you call that?

God Knows how thankful I am for having all I'm having, but I'm scared of being questioned about all this, what am I gonna say then? I don't deserve all this! I know I don't! And now, I can't live without all this! Ya Rabbyyyyy! Thank You ya Allah! Your blessings are overwhelming me! I'm so sorry for not showing You the real gratitude that would fit Your Greatness & Mercy, but no one can ever dare show that! And I'm sorry for being so useless, I don't know what to do! I try my best, but I know, my best is always nothing!

I'm sorry :'(


Complete the following sentence please:

Sara is good for -----------------------.




Laila Hussein said...

I know this feeling all very well. But forget about the rice, there are some easy recipes on my blog, you can try out something :D! Maybe you will feel better about yourself :). And by the way when I married, I could do NOTHING in the kitchen!

sara said...

Khalas, cool then.. I'll be trying out recipes in the upcoming weeks & I'll surely try yours out inshaAllah :)

And btw, did your hubby help you out? How was he about that?

But I'm still a spoilt brat :(

Anonymous said...

Sara Honey, Everyone is like that before getting married, Coz that it when the responsibilities starts piling up, almost choking people ... !!!
Little advise between you and Me - Enjoy Darling, for tomorrow you will long for these days, TRUST ME .. :-)

And far as cooking goes, Damn! I dint knew how to stir a spoon too, It was after my marriage that I started cooking/burning ... Whatever!!! But today alhamdulillah I cook far better for 19 year old (which i am)... ;-)


sara said...


Thank you for sharing that.. You know something, I get scared enjoying this much :(

As far as marriage is concerned, he better be understanding & loving & beyond all materialistic measures ;)

May Allah bless your marriage sweetie & grant you guys the sakeena & mawaddah you need to keep glowing.. Amen :)

noora said...

Sara is good in touching people's hearts :)

Why else would I comment here...u r loved by many honey :)

Love u, and I guess there will be a time where we will catch up with the rice cooking..heeh i have the same prob!

sara said...


How weird is it that we both wrote about this on the same day! SubhanAllah!

Thank you for the compliment :)

Love you too <3

And inshaALlah we'll catch up on that ;)

LuLu...! said...

ur my sister :) thats wat ur good for!!

u make me feel safe! and without u out there i wodnt be who i am now! u just feel that coz ur the good nafso :)

wallahy ya sis rite rite rite now i dont think there is someone on this planet who is better than u!

i love u! and i love u as u r! and this post made me feel sooo sad! wallahy! like sis u r a perfect one!

(2enty 3arfaany 2ana begad begad mesh ba3raf 2agaamel wala 2abale3')
*but i no how to annoy :(* (im sorry)


Abed. Hamdan said...

don't take it hard on yourself. if things were nice in the past, this doesn't mean the future will be pink. This is not heaven, and you have to be aware that happiness is associated with some pain.

ولا حزن يدوم ولا سرور ولا بؤس عليك ولا رخاء
اذا ما كنت ذا قلب قنوع فأنت ومالك الدنيا سواء

- الامام الشافعي

so take it easy, if life comes to you, take it, if it doesn't, then don't regret, it's not worth it

Jasim said...

Hey hey take it easy on yourself, well you. :D

We're all good for something, even if we don't know what is it in this moment, sooner or later we will.

I mean come on, there are plenty of things you're good at, I'm sure of that. :D

And hey, I didn't forget about the poetry, I'm just making the collection. :D

sara said...

without YOU i wouldn't have smiled that often :)
Alhamdulillah for having you :)
Your Allah's gift & your name says it all ;)
Rabinna yekhaleeky leena we yubarik leena feeky.. Amen :)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah <3

"wala soroor", lol, that's my name :D
So true the quote, subhanAllah! So true!
Here are two of my favourite ayas:
"Anything that happens on earth, or to you, has already been recorded, even before the creation. This is easy for GOD to do. Thus, you should not grieve over anything you miss, nor be proud of anything He has bestowed upon you. GOD does not love those who are boastful, proud."
Qur'an [57:22-23]
The only problem I have is never taking it easy :(
No regrets alhamduliLlah.. Dunya zawwala Abed! Big big time!
Thank you!

At this moment, I still feel useless :(
Bass bigad thanks for believing in me!
As for the poetry, now you're making me feel bad :( I don't want you to tire yourself or take it as a burden.. Whatever comes your way.. Don't bother much..
Shukran khales khales & jazaaka Allahu khair for every second you take.. Amen :)
Thank you so very much Jasim!

Jawwad said...

i agreed with what Maryam said beside this Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most of us have; especially in moments of change or when we come across new opportunities. There are many reasons you might feel that you cannot succeed. You might feel you are too shy, too young, too old, not healthy or not educated enough...

Whatever it might be it is nothing more than an excuse. If you take a serious look at your reasoning you will recognize that yourself.
One can never learn enough but that does not mean we should only learn. We must put what we learn to practical use continuously. To succeed we need to integrate the wisdom and tips we find into our daily lives.
take carez :)

sara said...

You're right, but sometimes, you know deep down, it ain't for you!

But we CAN if we WANT to! I mean, Helen Keller did it all!

Thank you Jawwad.. I'm always taking care.. You do the same :)

Anonymous said...

Take it easy dear Sara. Did you sprout all those feelings just because you could not cook rice? uhm...well you should! because even I can cook rice, it is a shame you can't :P:P:P you will even feel more so when you know my last adventure was molo7'ya! and it was an 80% success. It smelled and tasted 80% like my mom's which is my benchmark :))

Trust me, all that is said here by your friends is will learn it when you need it. It is surely fun to learn it now, but if you don't it does not mean you are good for nothing. It just means you do not feel like you have to, if you do develop that feeling you will very easily do 100 times more :)

Do you know this Hadeth? "2e7'shawsheno... fa2en al ne3ma la tadoom" I remind myself of it sometimes, although I have to admit I fail to apply it fully as I should.

I must tell you, I'm also a bit of a lair. I tell you to take it easy while I don't. I'm tormented, daily, by having what I have without my choice and I see millions around me having nothing also without a choice. But remember this nice saying in the Quran which goes along "those who have and those who have not are both in it like each others" aka. Those did not choose, neither did those choose, it is only he who chooses.

Peace my friend...take it easy

sara said...

Mr. Notfa writer,

It's not only the rice.. It's ME!
However, I'm so glad it worked for you (molokheya) :) I would love to taste a molokheya done by a man's hands! Wonder how it'd taste like!

And the hadeeth, I wish just like you do..

Lhamdulillah always & forever Mohamed!

Peeeeeeeeeace off :)

Anonymous said...

if it is not the rice and it is you as you say, then you know what to do. If no challenges come your way, then challenge yourself. I'm challenged and I haven't even chosen to. I fight death everyday...and thats just for one.

my advise is, create your own little challenges then conquer them and each time you do, it adds a new life to your life.

stay good

sara said...

ana khayfa.. dayman bakhaaf :(

There's a BIG one coming my way & just the thought of it drains the whole of me :(


I hope you win everyday Mohamed!

By the way, your words remind me of:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,

after some time I haven't been on the BLOG,I was looking forward to read your newest post today.When I saw it I really was sad,because my little girl Sara is feeling like she's worthless.O.K.,every now and then we all feel like that,but girl let me asure you,that you are EVERYTHING :)!Just live your life in the best way you can and pray Allah.That's what we all should do!
Oh...let me give you a hug...a strong one :).

Allah bless you!

Anonymous said...

Sara is good for BEING SO SENSITIVE!
(Because you always get me!)

Anonymous said...

one last thing Sara.

Next time your rice turns can always make Sushi :P

sara said...

Miss Star :)
I sooooooooooooo needed this right now! Like soooooooooo much! The hug means the world right now :)
Love you Natasha.. From the very core <3
Being sensetive is a killer starry :(

MAAAAAAAAAN! You should have seen the rice, mesh tasted it, bass seen it! I think if you'd have done that, you'd never waste your time even visiting my poor bloggy!

LuLu...! said...

i tasted it ba2a!

sara said...

See Mohamed, that's what i get from my own flesh & blood :(

LuLu...! said...

Clap clap claaaaap!
that was yummy ya sis!
teslam 2eedek :)

sara said...

Yalla, who want's to join lulu's club? making fun for free? Yalla?


MASS said...

eah dah! it is bid3a for an EGYPTIAN girl to be 23 and not able to cook rice!

I always messed up rice too.. made it like pourage.. but i use to cook everything else and my roommate was the rice master.. alhamdullelah its not so tough to learn !

just go in the kitchen and experiment.. and watch what your mum does.. be her assistant in the kitchen thats how i mostly learned.. and my parrents think what i do is "3ak" till they taste it and they love it.. now my mum caught off a few things from me.

also read online recipes and watch em cook on TV..

learn how to make the fancy stuff like cheese cake and what not.. also you can make pan cakes which i make all the time.. buy pan cake mix he3!

there is no such thing as am not good for anything even mentally challanged people have useful tacts!

eah ya 3am ! even Zaytuna the local learned how to make a cake through cooking classes and she 19!

look dude just get down with it and make the kitchen messy and start doing stuff!

sara said...

Meen elbint elwehsha elly 23 & doesn't know how to cook rice dy? Dy bint wehsha awee! tsk tsk tsk tsk!

Cheese cake? Mama makes the best, is it ok if I just watch her do it & tell her how yummy it is? :$

I'd love to learn.. WAllahy I love having a cozy home filled with all comforts & would love for all the comforts to be men eedy.. Khair inshaALlah..

Beautiful-Disaster said...

Asalaamu Alaikum,

Oh sara, don't be so blue. You're not good for nothing.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...I created this account a few months ago...specifically to comment on your blog. I read your blog now & then. And your thoughts are always inspiring & enlightening. You've touched my heart in so many ways just through your words. :}

Umm Travis said...

assalamu alaykum sis, ma shaa Allah i just found your blog today. it is really touching :) take it easy honey... we all have those days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. Allah help us :))

sara said...

Alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu,
I'm flattered beyond words!
Thank you!
But wait a minute, do I know you? Do you know me?

Umm Travis,
Alaiky assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu,
To start with, how amazing is it being an umm? :)
May Allah bless Travis & all your loved ones.. And may He help us all in our journeys.. Amen :)

Princess N said...

I believe that you admitting that you are a spoilt brat and is good for nothing is a huge thing.. most people dont.. and the fact that you are willing to change that and to work on it is a huge step..
Not being able to cook some rice should not define if you are good at something or not, you are much better than that..
Think that you are good in writing, and you are good in gaining friends through your blog..
Think that you are not a quitter and is willing to try out new recipes until you succeed..
You are good in a lot of things but it seems cooking rice in not one of them :)

sara said...

Princess N,
Looooooooooooong time :D
Thank you for passing by & lifting my spirit :)

Beautiful-Disaster said...

Asalaamu Alaikum sara,

Your most welcome.

I only know you through your beautiful words on this blog. I think of you as a sister from another mother. Keep smiling! :)

sara said...

alaikum assalam BD,

Thank you!

God bless!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Hope ur life sailing smoothly inshallah!

when u think that you can't make a difference,remember that one raindrop raises the ocean.

sara said...

Alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuHu,

Thank you!

You're right...

Gold said...

Dear Sara,

Careful what your sentences might mean! Careful how they could be interpreted, because what you mentioned is a huge accusation for your parents.. you are simply stating that they have provided you with all the materialistic means of this life, and left you out with nothing else.. which is definately not the case here because what you can do is actually who you are

and you a fabulous person, so you can always do fabulous things.. and that is what you are all about.. if u don't accept it then that's your problem.. if you accept it and live it you will be even more capable of doing more things..

and those are my three pennies of today.. :)

sara said...

Mr. Abdo,

How can you say all this so powerfully while looking me in the eyes making me fully believe it?

You've definitely made my today waaaaaaaaaay better than my yesterday..

If there's anything fabulous right now, it's the ability you have that could turn this ugly world to one beautiful master piece..

Have the best of you ya Rab :)