Thursday, July 17, 2008

waqudsislaaaaam :)

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What in the world is ever cuter than this? I've always thought, why don't mothers fly up & down on being mothers? I mean, to me, it's everything that I ever wanted to be, ever since I was a li'l girl! A lotta friends of mine tell me that they never really thought much about kids before marriage, more than they thought of marriage itself & having their homes.. Man, having kids is all I thought about! Am I that weird? I even know the first lullaby I'll be singing my baby if I have any, it'll be this.. It breaks my heart seeing people mistreating their li'l ones or their elders.. Or not giving them importance.. How do they do it?





7aki Fadi said...

3o2balek ya sara :D . I am sure you will be a great mother.

sara said...

awwwwwwwww.. thank you :)

MASS said...

MashaAllah cute girl.

I think sisters ought to be thinking about having kids,, if they dont give it some thoughts then sumthin is wrong with their fitra!

well at somepoint i wanted to have a kid or two.. but after realising the reality of the responsibility its not my thing.

least inshaAllah for some time.

aaand i would never change dypers.

MASS said...

inshaAllah you have your little Army of kids too.

Anonymous said...

Wow .. !!! Now, Thats really cute ... :-)

Oh Sara, Honey! What can I say. May Allah bless you with a wonderful (righteous) Husband and a bunch of wonderful (righteous) kids, who would make both the parents (you and Hubby) proud one day, Ameen.

Take care Sis,

sara said...

Cute bass? Sukkar mashaAllah!
It's a huge responsibility, that's what I see every single day.. You'll be asked for them + being asked for yourself.. A heavy task indeed.. That's why I think inno if I'm not ever granted any, it's all good..
As for you not changing diapers, ya 'einy 'ally hatetqawezak :( She'll be wanting to hear: "Lovey dovy, I'll help you out.. You're my princess.. I'll help as much as I can.. I'll carry you in my eyes.. blablabla" But instead it'll be: "I ain't changing no diapers baby girl".. WOW! What a shock she'll get.. meskeena!

Miss infoguide,
And may Allah grant you kids who'll be your & Z's qurrat 'ain.. Ameeeeeen :)

LuLu...! said...

hehhehe! 3asooolaaa!

just wanned to pass by and tell u im sorry bout today! :(

(im imagining how wod ur kids look like) hehheehehe!

i am very beeeethy very very beeeethy! heheheheheheh

sara said...

soooo 3asoooooolaaaaaaa :)

and about today.. Rabinna ye'mel elly feeh elkhair! No probs..

(how would they look like?)

very verrry buthy ;)

LuLu...! said...

la2 "beeeethyyy"!

ur kids?? mmm...lamma yeego inshaallah belsalama hateb2y te3rafy!
bas haykoono 3asooleen with their lullaby song! (shakly ha7sedhom 3aleeha) :P

lulu's imagination is wild!! remember??

sara said...

beeeethy ;)

amma nshoof ;)

wild ;)

MASS said...

well.. i would do EVERYTHING appart from that. of course you tell simillar things to your wife.. but i wouldnt say that stuff on a blog,, ive been already accussed of some trouble talking about pumping and what not.

sara said...

Good.. and regardin pumpin, maybe they tell u stuff like that cuz they fear either u iftining the girls or iftining urself.. Ma'alesh.. Your niya is good..

Rabinna ya'uff banaat & shabab almu'mineen.. Amen :)

'iffa such a lovely word..

Anonymous said...

Awww.. how sweet :)

Insha'alla you will have the best kids ever (because they will have the best mom ever ;)) :)

love you and a hallllllllfff sara :)

mystery girl. haha ;)

sara said...

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls :$ I'm flattered ya bint :$



LuLu...! said...



sara said...


easy miss!

& i thought i was the one down with the jealousy syndrome!

Anonymous said...


sara.. im very sorry.. but my heart belongs to lulu.. I thought we wouldnt get caught :$ LOL

Anonymous said...

Wallahy both of you are very special ladies.. i mean this from the bottom of my heart i swear!

Mashalla.. its very hard to find people like you..

Love you both.. sisters forever :)

sara said...

sisters forever (f)

LuLu...! said...


hehhehehe! sisters fo2eva!
love u girls muah!!

sara said...

fo2eva :D

Anonymous said...


fo2eva :P

lulu: baby baby baby.. will you always be there FoR me? :P

Sal said...

my name speaks for itself sara :)

lol.. im giving blogging a shot haha

sara said...

sa, sa, salooly :D

sa, sa, saloooly :D

Ya Rab you wouldn't forget your password this time kiddo :@

UTP said...

Well I can never be a mother cos I am a guy...but my respect for my mother and my wife increased so much the day my daughter was born...

I mean reading it is one thing and then actually...seeing and feeling a completely different experience...

Salute to all Mothers...and potential mothers...

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwww UTP :)

"potential mother" :')

May Allah bless your daughter's life for you & make it a road to heaven for you & her mama.. Amen :)

And may Allah have mercy on our parents as they've raised us when we were li'l.. Ameeeeeeen.

Anonymous said...

Salaam my dear Sara, surprises me all the time how similar in thoughts and feelings we both are.I so get you when you say that you think more about the baby as of a man.There is not so much logic in this :)!
However,I wish you to find as soon as possible a good man who will become your lucky husband and father to your children.In the end,I think what really matters in life is to have a family and to fight for it.
I hope to have one of my own in my life,otherwise we have Allah,don't we :)!

My God give you all you want and more.

Love and a strong hug!

sara said...

ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen natasha <3

I'll keep you in my prayers :D

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy hugy to you :)