Saturday, July 19, 2008

Muslim World :'(


Anonymous said...

Muslim World ... A Beautiful world, A powerful and Strong World. A pride of its own, A grace of its own.
Muslim World is here to rule and previal Hon,


sara said...

A grace of its own :)

Let's pray it stays like that..

Veiled Muslimah said...

sad but true :( subhanallah

sara said...

subhanAllah VM :(

MASS said...

Unfortunatly Miss Hamtchy, I dont have the latest version of flash and thus cant watch this thing.. to comment on

butttt. This Dunya is all about troubles and KabaD (not liver, as Nouf back in year 8 deen class answered )

yalla go wash your face and update :P

sara said...

Like you've told me before, ehna hanakhod menha eih?

Love is the only thing I see that can actually go with us wherevr we're going & last forever :)

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

The first 30 seconds made me laugh. The last 45 made me sad.

I'm not sure what else to say.

Ma'as salaama,

UmmBlog said...

Update ?

sara said...

Alaika assalam brother Nuh,
They left nothing for us to say nowadays :(

Looooooooooooong time! Where have YOU been?

Anonymous said...

a telling post :( and more :( indeed!

People watch all those Sheiks showing up on TV and speak of the islamic revival. Now show me one of those TV sheiks in a protest against tyranny or poverty, or soaring prices and daily suffering of people in his own country. Have you ever seen our Sheiks protesting anything? those ones on TV preaching us about all sorts of things, have you seen any activism from their side?! lame sheiks! The Buddhist monks in Burma and china did it! and our lame sheiks are crying live on TV 3ala 7al el 2ommah, and that is as far as their activism goes.

Trust me, those people are not to be trusted in taking anybody forward! they are marching backward at full speed...Zewwwwwwwwwwww

sara said...


Bigad I wish someone can come out of these crowds & say it all out loud.. Bass say it at least for now, & then plan what's to be done!

Hatta elkalam ba'a moshkela delwa'ty!

MASS said...

TO Muhammad Hassan

(and sorry ya Sara to Hijack your post but I guess you said it was ok before. ehm)

Have you ever sat down with any of those sheikhs !!!! and talked them one on one?? have you ever seen how they live or their samt ? have you ever been thrown in jail for a khuttba ? or a weekly dars about a 3aqeedah book you teach

please dont judge those sheikh whom have given their life to this deen. if they show up in any of those protests they will be thrown in jail and cutting off knowledge from their students and cutting off from the da3wa..

it is far more constructive to teach hundreds and make millions listen to a message than to shout over in a protest and make it over.

social change doesnt happen when people go clap and say meaningless slogans, yet am not undermining what protests can do..

obviously for anyone who is close to these sheikhs knows it would be infact it is not wise at all that they protest

sara said...


tab'an you're ALWAYS welcome to share your thoughts..

Amma belnesba le Mohamed, I understood his point of view.. And that's what I agreed on.. Firstly, not the majority tab'an.. Secondly, I've experienced this dead silence from some shoyookh & seen the cowardliness..

A far family member was slowly killed.. I hear you ya MASS.. I totally do :(