Thursday, July 10, 2008

* Purple Smoke Tree *

As we were watching this old lady talk today, mama remembered her grandma's smell.. Her grandma passed away over twenty something years ago & all of a sudden her smell was all around mum.. She drifted & remembered 'em old days.. I started thinking: Oh Dear God, will I reach a point in time where I'll be in loss of my loved ones! God, no please, no!

I hardly ever walk alone, but today was one of 'em rare days.. It was getting darker & darker & I pushed myself to.. The sky was reddish black, the moon half shiny, the tree leaves dancing along with the push of the light breezes & the world looking sadder than ever.. My skirt was floating along with me & my feet were fighting against gravity.. I was trying to think of all positive things; I started my walk with tens of "alhamdulillah"s, but loneliness was all I was thinking about.. What if I'll have to walk down this road all alone? What if I'm forced to? What if, what if?

God, why am I toooooo much? I'm always toooooo much! My chest tightens with all those feelings.. Do others feel as much as I do? And if they do, why am I seeing cold cold hearts everywhere? I wish I was just a li'l bit less.. Just a li'l..

This purple smoke tree is too beautiful, ain't it? Do you see it as I do? Do you feel it as I do? Why do people see differently? I mean, I know why, but don't you sometimes need to see together? Feel together? Well, I do..

I'm going to watch The Celestine Prophecy before reading it, is that okay Abdo? I found the movie before the book! Without even looking for it, it was right there before my eyes! Ain't it funny how you bump into things? And isn't even funnier how you look for things & other things come up?


LuLu...! said...

sis i think this is the best pic u have on ur blog!
I REALLY LOVE IT BUT NOT MORE THAN U!! (love the post too)!!
lykys !

Maher said...

i have a theroy,
you'll only see cold hearts if you are thinking like cold heart!
but if you think of warm ones, you'll def see warmer hearts!
no? :s

just chill ;->

Jawwad said...

well thats what life is .. never stops b4 reaching towards final destination but for a muslim life in real starts after death.. Belief in al-akhirah (life after death) is so crucial to the Islamic faith that any doubts about it amount to the denial of Allah. Allah’s own word in the Qur’an is the foundation of this faith. Besides, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) explained the centrality of this belief for a person who wishes to lead an Islamic life.

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww sis :)

Maybe my heart is cold then? Dunno :$
I can't chill :( Too dramatic to chill now!
But thanks :)

Yup yup.. That's right!
Ya Allah!

MASS said...

Purple Haze all in brain

Thou Sara are too kind. You need a to be evil for a while to balance off extra spicy, well done, full cream kindness of yours.

learn from lulu she s a bit evil !

p.s the this is an almost copy of a comment that got lost a few secs ago. err hate blogger!

sara said...

Purple Smoke is the name of the tree :)

And regarding being evil, I wish I can just be a li'l stronger.. A li'l aqwa.. A li'l tougher.. And sis, she's not evil.. But I think you got it right.. She's tougher than me.. She has walls.. Good solid ones.. I don't! elhawa beyakhodny we yewadeeny :(

p.s. I'm so sorry.. I HATE it when it happens.. You should always remember to right click whatever u wanna post & copy it to make sure it'll be there in case u lose it.. Yalla, elmeaning wesel, wala tez'al :) Don't hate blogger, it brought a lotta souls, hearts, minds & bodies together :)

LuLu...! said...

u want me to build u some walls sis??;)
bas i love u as u r sis (dont change)!

MASS said...

start lifting heavy weights!

sara said...

I have to build 'em walls, & not anyone else.. And I failed in doing so.. And you know..
I need to change ya sis.. If I don't, hat'ab aktar we aktar :(
Yalla, hamdulillah..

We amoot men el asthma!
I'd love to start lift my children ah-san :D

MASS said...

temoot meen ya 3am !

You dont need a strong breath for lifting weights since lifting weights is mostly an anaerobic excericse ya3ni doesnt need oxygen !!

ya3ni no excuse! yalla start pumpin up!

go on the main website and they have all the sections for women and stuff and they have forums and there are some sisters on the forums,, but not that active..

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :')

You just reminded me of khalo.. khaaaaaaaaaaalooooooooo :(
He'd say temoot meen ya 3am, or whatever meen ya 3am.. this "meen ya 3am" is typical khalo.. khaloooooooooooooooooooooooo.. How I miss him & miss my amoona :(

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS! Are you like us, or is it all egyptians keda?

ge3 ya MASS.. A big fat GE3 :)

LOL and talkin of egyptians, i was just talkin to this brother on the phone, like right now, and he didnt know where i was from.. And when i said my full name: sara hamtchy, he was like: "maaaaaaaaan, we have a lotta hamdys in ottawa, you egyptian?"



as for pumpin, you don't know, bigad, i don't think i can! even if i was physically able.. sis would seem like a good candidate though, you can go to her for convincing ;) amma ana, miss ballerina wanna be, na ah, i don't think so!

LuLu...! said... imagining something again!

sara said...

again, im afraid to ask! :$

Rabinna yustur!

MASS said...

definatly not all egyptians are kedda i think you probably didnt have a lot of egyptian friends at school, neither did I.. I mostly hanged out with a group of people from all best friend is kuwaiti british.

well I guess the miliarity is part of being in that education and being raised in deh gulf.

cant pump meen ya 3am!
its good for you! for your bones! blood pressure!keeps your bio-age young, good for everything ya 3am!

I dont usually say ya 3am but am getting a kick of it at the moment!

I think ive put this link up my blog before but incase you missed it read this !!!

Lulu has a wild imagination..
and she should pump up too.. all sisters should pump iron.

sara said...

no, i didnt have much egyptians in my life.. even family friends.. so i guess we come from the same background! SubhanAllah!

as for pumpin, waAllahi even if i want to, no time abadan for that.. bass shukran bigad for ur advice :)

all the best with ur pumpin, we Rab yekoon a plus in ur records & never a cause for fitna for urself or for others..And may Allah protect u ya shabab adeen.. Amen :)

LuLu...! said...

wild?? :(
leeh 2elnaas beta5od 3any fekra 7elwa keda :(

"mesh bezabt keda" (lol ya sis)

sara said...

dehket erroman.. its just cuz they dont know u honey :)

luluuuuuuuuul ;)

"mesh bezzabt kida" ;)

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