Sunday, August 03, 2008

Your Mama's Smile :)

So, if I ask you to smile :) right now, can you do it? Please? What if I beg you? No? You can't? What if I tell you that I can see you now sitting behind that screen of yours, will that make you smile? Still? No? Not even half a smile? Even if I call out in the loudest voice ever: "Ottet elmeatateeeeeeen kollohom"? Lessa? Khales? Wala smailaya (1 smile)? Yalla, only one :) for satta :)
Isn't your mama's smile warmer than the warmest sunshine ever? Tastier than the yummiest mango? Cozier than the softest sofa? Cuter than the freshest daisy? Isn't it just as tranquil as the site of your one & only Ka'ba? As holy as fulfilling your God-given obligations? What would you do to keep that smile shining? How much would you give? How much can you take? For how long?
How hard is it to keep your loved ones happy? How hard is it to keep yourself happy? Do you have to be happy to smile? How hard is it for you to smile? How many smiling people are out there right now? And how many frowning ones? Can i, small li'l me, cause a genuine smile to come to life? Can you? You know how to? You don't? Come on, maaaaaaaan? You gotta know.. It's easy, look deep within yourself & you'll know how to.. You gotta want it.. Really truly want it.. Do you know what you want? What you deeply badly want? Will it lead to a smile along the way? Or doesn't it matter for you anyway? (I found this video, where egyptian children were asked to say that which made them happy/sad in year 2006 & what they really wish for to happen.. It's in arabic; so sorry to those who wouldn't understand! It begins after a minute & 50 seconds of the start of the video.. Here)
Ain't it cute what li'l miss 7aki wished for here? Isn't this what most of us girls wish for? Ha.. Not all that we wish for comes true.. But, but, but, wait a minute.. There's always a reason behind things happening.. WAllahi there is! And anyways, isn't it one of the best things ever happening seeing your mama's smile?


MASS said...

I smiled !

LOL@ "Ottet elmeatateeeeeeen kollohom"

if i would hear that in real life it would make me shiver in embarssment!

mama said...

sara, i have many names but when i hear ottel el meatateen from you i feel like you are my mama,
you are my best friend, my daughter and my lovely mom
I think if i see you 3aroosa i will smile forever, this is my dream now, yalla ya far7et mama.

sara said...

Why embarrassment?

Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :')
Mama, you're killing me keda.. Mamaaaaaaaa, ottet elmeatateeeen.. Rabinna mayehremneesh mennek abadan abadan abadan ya mom.. I love you more than me.. Enty kol haga.. Mama, ya Rab dayman akoon far7etek we tekoony radya 'anny ya Rab..
May Allah fulfil your dream ya mama.. I love you forever & ever..


MASS said...

MashaAllah @ the Mum Daughter connection, thats very cool.

some things are just too mushy that when you hear you go like

sara said...


sara said...


Something sooooooooooo funny :D I was checking out this blog & then I was struck by this very cute post :D

Check it out here:


Princess N said...

I dont understand.. what is ottet elmeatateen?? :(

sara said...

It's the most beautiful thing you can ever lay eyes on :)

Anonymous said...

Awww Cute!

sara said...

what is?

Anonymous said...

Your mum's comment

sara said...

thank you :)