Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Her green peas..

(picture's source)

Another sad day,
Just another sad day..

What is joy anyway,
In a world without one love ray..

My dear tante is getting sick,
And her green pea is not ref-lec-ting..

Even light is changing,
Not as bright & slowly fading..

I’m sure those peas of her,
Were only used in all that’s fair..

And so they’ll be her light up there,
Making her smile in between them stares..


Small Blue Thing said...

It's a huge deal. Take your time. It will be ok, Insha'Allah.

You're always in my heart.

Gold said...


Don't be like that please!

Allah is the Healer! And things go for the best of everyone God willing..

Without one love ray meaning without any love at all? or without one ray that was there before.. big difference here..

Be well, PLEASE!!

With all that is good..

Maher said...

one day for you another day against you thats life :D

cheer up! there is nothing deserve getting upset for :D

MASS said...

Ya Sara.

its ok to be upset everyonce in a while but dont be upset the whole time. we all feel tend to feel bad about things that dont go the way we would like them to go.. but even the most of devistated people have their happy momments.

without the sad times we wont have happy times..

sometimes we feel sad and we almost like enjoy this feeling and pitty hourselves and live as if we are a character of a novelty.

kick back and dont be idle,
learn new things, engage in activity you like. idleness is not only bad for our eman but for our mental health.

how could you be upset when you have LULU mashaAllah!!! .. you can go have a pillow fight with her.

start baking stuff! and make cookies!

sara said...

I love you <3

Thank you :)


WAllahi ya MASS I feel that over here, I have another family.. REAL FAMILY!
BIGAD ya MASS thank you for every word you've helped me with!
Allah yebarek feek wa yarzuqak men khayr aldunya walakhira.. Amen :)