Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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I missed fajr again today :( Something bad has to always happen in my day when fajr is missed! SubhanAllah.. Forgive me ya Allah!

It's pretty scary how we understand & yet.. And yet act as fools.. The situation is always: I 'know', but I 'don't' (don't do, don't say, whatever 'don't' you may) :(

The weather has been acting as crazy as I've been feeling lately.. It's always like that with me by the way.. Weather goes side by side with my mood! What's even funnier is that today, I've been having this electrical spark with anything metal I touch! LOL! Talking of crazy!

I took this really beautiful picture of the tree branches that I see from my room's window every morning.. So I'll leave your imagination to take you to those beautiful leaves with the very white cotton clouds as their background.. At night, when the chilly wind blows, gosh, it gets a li'l scary :$

I pray that we all could find the best of us, while we're still here.. Amen.


"Friday night I'm going nowhere

All the lights are changing green to red

Turning over TV stations

Situations running through my head

Looking back through time

You know it's clear that I've been blind

I've been a fool

To open up my heart

To all that jealousy, that bitterness, that ridicule

Saturday I'm running wild

And all the lights are changing red to green

Moving through the crowds I'm pushing

Chemicals all rushing in my bloodstream

Only wish that you were here

You know I'm seeing it so clear

I've been afraid

To show you how I really feel

Admit to some of those bad mistakes I've made

Sunday all the lights of London

Shining , Sky is fading red to blue

I'm kicking through the Autumn leaves

And wondering where it is you might be going to

Turning back for home

You know I'm feeling so alone

I can't believe

Climbing on the stair

I turn around to see you smiling there

In front of me"


~ Babylon - David Gray ~


A li'l update: Didn't I say something bad has to happen when I miss fajr? Today's fajr, something so weird happened that was going to end my life.. I missed fajr for the past two days & so I believe I got a li'l 'push'.. I didn't get scared alhamduliLlah, but the pain was unbearable.. Well, I woke up, just minutes before my alarm went off, to a very life-threatening allergy; that caused my breathing to almost stop! I didn't eat anything new or do anything weird! My throat was almost blocked, my eyes so red & puffy (just as beautiful as Hitch's ;) ), making me barely see, while itching me like never before, & my nose running nonstop! Unable to breathe, I thought I was gonna die.. Didn't want to bother others, I pulled myself to prayer & then tried to get back to sleep; to get over the pain.. I wondered, when was the last time that I had ever felt so sick, but couldn't recall anything making me this weak.. It was REALLY BAD.. Gosh! It was nothing even like the appendectomy I had! Way worse!

We just can't lay back & give in to ourselves.. We gotta fight it & let our souls dance in the Light; 'cuz that's the only source of nourishment we (weak creatures) could ever get..

Puffy eyed sara



LuLu...! said...

ohhhh myyyy! ya siiiisss i love the pic! its amaaaaaaaaazing! mesh 3arfa 2awseflek 2ad 2eeh 7elwa wallahy!

babylon ---> ABU DHABI :'(

(feeeen 2el deregly we feen 2e7na) :'( he2he2he2he2 :'(

ya raby 3ala 2el electric spark beta3tik! HALAKTEEENY! :@:@:@

LuLu...! said...

sis! begad delwa2ty! BATKALEM BEGAD!


sara said...

I knoooooooooow! Sukkar khaaaaaaaales!

Abu Dhabiiiiiiiiiiiiii :'( Sit elkol di waAllahi..

Bas you know something, you are waaaaaaay ara' than this dress.. Bigad ya ahla sis fy al'alam.. AlhamduliLlah for having you :)


Anonymous said...

*sigh* settling on the same crazy notes, my friend. It's beyond weather and prayer, its in the hands of whom I pray for. Amen to bringing out the best.

**beautiful photo + flowers :)

Gold said...

trees and leaves, green is the color, musk is the smell, blue is the sky, beautiful scenery from a beautiful place..

may all your days remain as beautiful as your spirit.. Amen

sara said...

Batoulyyyyyyyyy :)
It's great having you here.. Been a while dearie :)

Perfect imagination :)
Amen for your prayer :$
Wallahi ya Abdo it's the most precious thing I have.. It's God's Holy gift.. I try to take care of it as good as I can until it goes back to where it came from..

LuLu...! said...


BAS WE ZEMETEK WE DEENEK! mesh it was a fun day?

salamtek ya satoootet 2alby!
(it happens) (kiwi and semsem) :'(

could it be from the soup i made yesterday? :$

i dont care if ur *puffed*!
i dont care if ur *swelled*!
ull always be *loved*!

aaaaaand the above poem that was written by LuLu Hanem is deticated to the very very loved Sara Hanem!

love u :$

LuLu...! said...

is "swelled" a word aslan??

i dont care maaan! 2el mohem it rhymes! :D

MASS said...

I was freaking out reading your update!

Do us a favor and pray fajr on time

la ba2ss 6ahoor inshaAllah.

MASS said...

on a short notice to Lulu Hanem.
its haram to swear by themma and deen,

as a hadeeth says laysa mena man ya7lif bel amana and another man kana 7alefan falya7lif bellah

and if one forgets its kafara is saying laa ilalaha illa Allah.

sara said...

teslameely.. Rabinna yekhaleeky leya dayman..

Thank you MASS.. Pray for me please..
And oh, you know, I almost NEVER heard sis say zemmetek we deenek! She sometimes gets too egyptian for the heck of it! She's the funniest person ever!

I need your duas guys..

LuLu...! said...

satty! LYKYST (and T is for too) :D

and mass! LuLu Hanem 3omraha ma2alet keda! Zay ma satty Hanem 2aletlak bezabt!


UTP said...

atleast you felt...bad...some people even lose out the feeling that they missed Fajr...

MASS said...

InshaAllah I will make deh du3aa.

well Egyptians have a reputation for being funny, all my american professors say so.

I think your Sisterly jargon is getting too complicated to catch up with but i ll skip.

sara said...

matza'aleesh nafsek ya setti ;)

Allah Hafiz..

ahla sisterly jargon :D
thanks for "deh du3aa" :)

MASS said...

you better have gotten up for deh fajr !

sara said...

Yes I have mister, thank you!

You're far too kind :)

MASS said...

and for being good sister who prays on time.

have this

maybe you and Lulu could go there and share that thing!

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww :'(


1. We're in Ottawa

2. We're not sure if it's halal.. We're deprived of all the yummy meals that we've been living on for years & years :'(

And lulu bet'olak: "i'm suffering here MASS :'( "..

:'( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

MASS said...

ottowa sounds like 3a6wa.

yup its not 7alaal, unless you get the meat with you ?

when you come to masr inshaAllah go to luciles in maadi in share3 tes3a and order TEXAS BURGER,,, yummmy and big(they have it on special days not all week)

9abrun jameel.

UmmBlog said...

Alhamdulillah! You're doing fine now!

sara said...


I'd love to come to masr someday inshaAllah & have that yummy sandwich..

As for the sabr part, waALlahi nothing tatses better than being capable of isburing for the sake of Allah.. Nothing tastes better than standing out & praying under the light blue sky.. NOTHING..