Friday, August 15, 2008


You think your hubby has got your back, fully? Think your mom does? Your daddy? Your bro? Your sis? Your friend? Your loved one? Well, you're wrong! Only He, The One with the Highest of Names, Has got your back, TOTALLY! Only Him.. The All Seeing.. The All Seeing.. The All Seeing.. Yeah, I'll keep on saying it until the morning light comes; 'cuz we tend to forget that! How I love You ya Allah! We always search for the other's love & care.. We seem to fail to understand that, us being here is a sign of being
loved in the first place.. It's being chosen.. It's fulfilling a purpose..
Today, we went out for a li'l journey, & this journey required taking the bus (which is a li'l weirdly new & rarely occurring thing for the hawanem, whom have always had their private vehicle to serve 'em wherever they went :$ ).. We knew from the start that we'll need to get another pair of tickets, while also knowing that we don't have any cash but only a visa card; which is sadly not accepted in all stations, making it a very hard mission.. So we took the only pair we got & waited for the bus at the bus stop.. And while waiting, I started remembering all the times daddy had everything ready & prepared for us from A to Z, while making sure that we'll be safe as much as can be.. I remembered that day when the puddle was huge & he carried me all the way over it; to not get myself dirty.. With a few tears in my eyes, I took out my cell phone & dialled his number to thank him for it all, but the egyptian lady machine thingy said that I can't get to talk to MY DAD, as the reception was low or something :@ I thought: "well, maybe it's best he wouldn't hear my voice this sad."..
Minutes passed & the bus came & the driver was this sweet sweet lady whom drove us to the mosque a couple of weeks earlier.. She commented (on how my sis & I looked that day), saying that we looked beautiful :) You'd never forget a person that sweet
now, would you? Anyways, we went in, greeted her & asked her if she remembered us, & she did.. And as we took the passes from her, we surprisingly found "Day Pass" written on them (i.e. we won't need to buy tickets for the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), which wasn't worth the tickets we gave her.. It was worth way more than that! I went up to her & she smiled & nodded telling me that she meant it.. I wanted to prostrate right there & then thanking God & screaming at the top of my lungs telling people: HE'S WATCHING OVER US YOU GUYS! HE'S ALWAYS WATCHING OVER US! HE'S GOT OUR BACKS! He always Has & always Will :D
God Has Got my back, my daddy's, my mommy's & every single one of His creation's.. But of course, your parent's prayers are a big part of the miracle ;)


Gold said...

That concept is like a lamp in a far away desert camp that's lit by a generator run by liquid fuel..

the engine takes a pause and the lamp's light weakens.. maintenance to the generator is needed, better fuel quality is needed, so that the turbine may ROAR and the light of the lamp fills the camp..

Well sometimes, extreme Mercy provides you with a passenger, just someone passing by with a can of hi-Octane fuel and some tools to empower your engines for you.. and this passenger is not recognizable by you.. but it is recognizable by the One who sent him for you, because maybe one day in the past you maintained someone else's generator..

have you?

sara said...

Your example is just so right & similar to the state I was in yesterday.. BIGAD I couldn't stop crying! I didn't know of anything else to do! DO you know how it feels when you're sooooooooooooooo thankful, that you feel the blood in your face concentrated, not looking like it's goin anywhere?

Ya Rabbi!

As for my past, I hope I have done an even smaller similar thing! But it's a sure thing, that I'd love doing it everyday, if I can.. And bithniLlah I can..

Gold said...

Yes i know the feeling, and i can't replace it with any other feeling in the world..

Or can I say i KNEW the feeling? and I'd hope to be able to regain it.. someday.. so help me God!


sara said...


Anonymous said...

Very true Hon, Help from Allah comes from all different ways and only to them who at the end of the day value HIS support and Help.
And you, My dear are one among such people. May Allah Bless you .. :-)


sara said...

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen :D

It's raining right now & you're in my prayers too dearie :D

MASS said...

I remember I had to leave class earlu about 20 minutes or more to get back home and get something for another class..

so i was like packing everything 3 minutes before i was about to apologise and leave.. and all of a sudden the proff was like,, ok guys class is over,, I was like huh.. subhan Allah!,, i was so happy and thankful to Allah.

I have many small encounters like these alhamdullelah,, they are such a blessing and a reminder.

Great post and I love the first pic.

sara said...


You got it :D

How amazing is that :) thanks for sharing it..

BIGAD Rabina Habeeeeeby!

And ain't that pic just perfect!

Have a great night!