Monday, August 25, 2008

m y w a y

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"Missing" goes a loooooong way for me.. Long way! The problem with missing now is that with the new technology, you get to face the ones your missing, hear them, see them & get affected by that more than if you don't..

Back in the old days, words were carried for days & days along with that breath of life blown down to you from your beloved ones.. Now.. Now is always different.. Why do I always feel that 'now' has/will never been mine anyway? Never will it be 'my way'..

And this was for missing the ones you've seen & known already.. The others you haven't, oh well, that's a different story!

I miss you :(


UmmBlog said...

I miss ...wait a min...Stop blocking me on msn! :P

Gold said...

That's a different story indeed..

Quite strange it is..
but.. waitaminnit here!

What do we know about the spirit? What do we know about energy? What do we know about affection, passion, love, emotions, reflection, perception, submitting, obedience, honesty.. all that!

Those are just "invisible" things, those are energy producers and/or energy consumers.. then why is it not possible to send a piece of your energy through your paper letter? or through the complexion of your words? or through a picture you take for yourself that u know a certain individual is gonna see?

I believe that our spirit sends out messages in a certain frequency (engineering terms here), or let us say a signal like that of a homing beacon, and this signal can be detected by those who are somewhat attached to that same frequency..

Yet the strongest way to make that connection is through the look in the eyes between two individuals.. a mother to her son, a father to his daughter, a husband and wife..

I bet that if you give birth to someone who's daddy is missing, and then after two years you put that daddy in a day-care to look for his son, he will know him by the first look in the eyes.. pointing out "This is my Son".. the energy clicks.. and Bob's your uncle..

Missing is like lacking energy you get from this or that person.. warmth and security.. even hope for something if provided by someone then it gets missed after that someone passes by the complex entity called "our life"..

And then again.. Who is Bob?

He's your uncle :)

A smile in itself is energy, and I thank Allah for allowing my the courtesy of providing you with one, right here and now..


MASS said...

its my way or the high way,

I just had this impulse and had to say it.

Thoust Say Ra Haym Dee.
you need to pump!
take my word for it, when you feel the pump you feel everything is yours!

stop being sad already!
and sing alhamdullelah its a lovely day, that comes on Huda Tv.


sara said...

NEVER would I EVER do that! EVER! I wouldn't do others what I wouldn't like them doing to me.. I do appear offline at times.. You're hardly online, aren't you?

Wonderful :)

AlhamduliLlah, it's a lovely day (but I don't know that one :$)

Asma said...

lolz @ ummblog =D

Missing's gone hi-tech, huh? :)

sara said...

ummblog is always funny btw..
And yeah.. whatever missing becomes, it's always sucky!

UmmBlog said...

hehe..was just messing with ya ;)

sara said...