Saturday, August 16, 2008

~ la le lo ~

Us girls! Ya Allah 'aleena! We are very, very.... Umm, can't find the word today! maybe some other day? Or maybe you can help me! We're just soooo fragily complicated! And we expect to be understood! This explains a bit more :) It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo us!
We used to ask each other when we were kids: "Would you like to be a guy?" I was almost the only girl with a big NO! I really enjoy me being me & never want to be in a guy's shoes (other than the fact that they stink ;) )!
Yeah I know we both have our complications, but, we (girlies) are cutely complicated, aren't we? The problem comes when we take away the 'cutely' part & stay with 'complicated' & ask "What's the problem? what did I do? Where did I go wrong?" :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Have a great time everyone :)


MASS said...

I have found out not so long ago, that girls just cry for no reason,, and its totally ok. I also learned not to disagree with girls and that makes you a gentleman.

its also a good chance if its your wife to get mushy with her and get closer. (and also for bad disgusting guys to take advantage of a woman)

and of course I will argue back if it politics or deen other than that kabar demaghak. hehe3

There is so much I could say but i guess i can make a post about it.

sara said...


Eih eshatara dih kolaha? ha? Da keteer khales! You learned the key to any girl's heart khalas :)


Organica said...

Inti 3asal ya Sara...begad!

sara said...

BIGAD, enty a'sal Organica :)

I wish you all the tawfeeq you need dearie :) Amen.

LuLu...! said...

and how long am i gonna keep wondering??? Y IS IT A "LA" AND A "LE" AND A "LO"?? HUH??

sara said...

Some girlie humming ;)