Monday, August 24, 2009

~ b i r d i e s ~


We always feel good when giving.. It's an inborn instinctive gift that God Has granted us to be able to enjoy it while doing it (another gift from amongst the many others:) ).. Some lose this gift by not knowing-how/wanting to use it.. Gracefully, I come from a family that truly knows how to use this gift, & hopefully, I'd die someday while using it as beautifully as they do.. Hopefully..

I talked earlier about mama's feeding-birds-balcony-corner.. And I swear, when their (birds') water or food runs out, they CALL OUT FOR HER!!!!

Granny is here now :) & as you know, it's very hot out here in the gulf at summer time.. The salty waters give us a lotta hard time breathing, but I love it, 'cuz it's a part of being home.. Anyways, I saw granny doing one of the most beautiful things minutes ago! She asked me to go get her the water bowl that the birds drink from.. I went out, checked it & told her, "No granny, it's still half full, we don't need to re-fill it now.." She said, "Just get it..".. I got it & to my surprise, I found her getting an ice cube & adding it to the water to cool it down for the birdies!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing all this beauty around me shocks me when seeing others stepping on the weaker-others in the real scary world out there.. Hunger, ignorance, illness, injustice & what not.. I wish people would get in touch with their inner-selves & try a li'l harder to feel others & not only themselves.. I wish I/you would never forget teta's soft birdie gesture & practice it on our brothers & sisters in humanity, amen :)


His Sweetheart said...

how sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Ramadan kareem to you babes


sara said...

And to you dearie :)