Wednesday, August 26, 2009

L i g h t U p


Loving one another for no earthly cause is a very rare commodity nowadays :( When that is found, you just wanna hold on to it & never let go.. However, it's hard at most times..

I've been learning new things recently from some real nice people & whenever that happens, I try to jot everything down in my heart so that I don't lose it.. I've never been much of a concentrating student as much as I've been counting on the heartfelt knowledge..

Anyways, the most amazing knowledge that successfully passes unto others always happens when: 1. The student really wants to leeeeeeearn! 2. The teacher really wants to teeeeeeeach! When these two items take place, miracles come to life!

I wanna take this opportunItalicity to thank every single person I met whom have added something beautiful that made me the person I am today :) Whether alive or dead, may Allah grant them eternal peace & everlasting light that saves them from the darkness here & in the after-life; just as they've saved me from this world's darkness & the one after it inshaAllah, Ameeeeen:)

Before I go, there's this new related Baba Ali video that reminds us not to forget important things in the process of passing on one's knowledge, here :)




Small Blue Thing said...

LOL I must confess I appreciate Baba Ali more now than in his (our) fist days. We were recent reverts then and now I think he has made the journey most of us do _I remember that video of his saying what is and isn't the proper hijab wearing himself a short t-shirt :P When you are new you kinda want to compensate your past life deeds, and as you increase your knowledge you learn also to keep you eyes and compassion open. And eventually, you (and he) get funnier ;D

Wish here in Spain muslims started to go to the stan-up comedy stages, to the music halls, to TV and media, instead of worrying so much about their beards and scarves' length Insha'Allah.

Small Blue Thing said...

Mhm... I seem to be skipping more and more consonants while writing english. Fasting, maybe?

sara said...

awwwwwwww dearest :D

We are getting funnier I hope, LOL ;)

I caaaaaaaaaaaan't wait for your beautiful work to be born into this sad world & let us all see things from your insightful angle, amen :D

Compassion is aaaaaaaalways needed, but rarely given by us, sadly again :(

Love you to bits dearest & may you always shine on & pass your beautiful love to the entire woooooooooooorld, ameeeeen (f)

P.S. consonants & vowels & all are already having a great honor to be typed in by YOU <3