Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ z a m a a n ~


I was reading Surat Al-Anfal (The Spoils Of War), Chapter 8 in The Qur'an today.. And I read this verse as if I've never read or heard it before.. Here:

"He has reconciled the hearts (of the believers). Had you spent all the money on earth, you could not reconcile their hearts. But GOD did reconcile them. He is Almighty, Most Wise." ~ 8:63

How amazingly true! No matter how hard you try to like/dislike someone, it'll never work.. What works is controlling your actions, but not you heart! One of the secrets of the heart is that it's sooooo much like it's beats.. Up & down according to its own wish, not yours..

However, I wonder where the love of one's kins comes from.. Like your sister/grandpa/uncle & so forth.. It comes in with your birth like, a package.. What kills me is how some people try to fight gravity & kill those birth given packages that come for free! They're long lasting & so supportive to one's heart all throughout the years..

Please, please, please oh brother & sister, don't fight gravity, it will only 'cuz you pain more than any joy! Trust me!



A CONFESSION: I think I'm missing that old little girl in me! I feel like turning into a more mature being enduring all new feelings and plans that will subsequently turn me into a different sara.. I hope this new me will be a lighter one with bigger wings that can take me higher & higher, "to a place where blind men see..".. Amen! I remember when I was younger, my brother & I used to play this "flying" game that did actually give us that feeling that we were longing for, even though it was just in our rooms! We used to stand on our beds, cloak ourselves with our blankets, & together, in the same moment, we'd jump from one bed to another (with our eyes closed at times) :) Right there & then, nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, in the world mattered as much as that moment did!


Small Blue Thing said...

Growing up means change, and change is always something unknown, sort of weird. But you're not the only one _all of us are scared of this change.

sara said...

I wish I can get a guarantee from somewhere that my changes will be only to all that's beautiful & real.. I wish....