Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh, where did peace and tranquility go?

Cars rushing past,

all speeding and fighting

to be first off the lights,

they're all hitting their horns,

I assume they have somewhere to go

although where it is

I don't want to know!

A bus pulls up,

so many people fight to get on

they've all got to get somewhere

so they stand in the stench,

in a closed compartment

and breath in

everyone else's sweat.

A tram goes byringing its bell,

even more people pour in,

their numbers swell.

There are also the cyclists

that rule the road,

they must be tired of living,

as they asssume right of way,

Don't they realise,

everyone else is bigger than them?

Everyone seems to have somewhere to go

as they all rush noisily past my window.

Oh, where did peace and tranquility go?

--By Ian McAtee--

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