Friday, April 14, 2006

You never know when your fate gon' switch hand == Get today's solid ground out of yesterday's quicksand



Today she walks on solid ground, but once

The world was water, every touch a wave,

And all her friends were mermaids, shelled and sleek.

The house that kept her safe, the walls of kelp,

The bed of coral-stone, were just a current

Lashed around a dock, with fish asleep

In all the reef’s crannies. The sharks stood guard

And crabs trickled like mercury on glass.

Today she walks on solid ground, where none

Can fly, where there is no clear ceiling on,

Where she is told she ought to try to climb

Beyond the blue. She digs her toes in deep,

Kneels, clutches hands of dirt and pebbles, and

In her liquid voice, mourns the oceans passed

Beyond her eyes. And all is well with us

To know she sees with us again; it scares

Us deep to know someone who drinks where no-one dares.



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