Wednesday, December 20, 2006

(: the baby in me :)

Well, yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to get my granny some pills..
And the pharmacist gamme two different kinds of the same pills, so guess what I asked my granny when i called her on the phone, to ask her which one to buy?!?!? No really, just guess?!
Normally, I should read for her what's written on the box (and that would mean, me telling her that there is one that has 2mg & the other 5mg) or at least ask the pharmasict what's the difference between both.. But NO!!
That ain't sara!!
sara is far too babyish for such a grown up act!!
"Teta (granny in egyptian), there are two boxes, one is red, and the other is maroon, so which one do you want?"
May Allah grant us the spur-of-the-moment that isn't haram.. Amen :)


Anonymous said...

lol subhanallah these days were soo unfocused we jus want to get straight into things without even focusing on it. but no that was funnni.. nice one. anyways tc luv the web.. and keep on doin it.. salam-u-alaikum ya ukhti(sister)

Anonymous said...

No comments :-D

sara said...

walaikum asalam sister/brother..

No barakah in thoughts or deeds most of the time..
It's sad..

But together we can do it..
SubhanAllah I find strength and stability in unity all the time :)

with respect,

Anonymous said...

uhh u made me miss my granny, she basically raised me unfortunately i dont visit her that much :( busy busy all the time..feel so guilty..allah yekhaleeha ley.


sara said...

Allah yekhaleeha leeky we YEKHALEEKY LEEHA ;)
U better go and kiss her forehead and hands, and ask her for du'a, for this is the best way out of all hardships caty :)

nice to meet you sweety..
luv u :)
pray for me and my family plz..

Anonymous said...

thanx sis..i will inshallah soon

i love ur blog i'v made it my daily routine to check ur blog specially when i feel down or depressed, ur words left me up n touches me deeply..there's comfort in sure many told u this by now :P..
keep it up betawfeeq inshallah

my sincere prayers to u n ur family


sara said...

Nope, not a lot told me this..

May Allah reward you for lifting my spirit in this gorgeous way..

Love you fi Allah..