Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Crossing - Speed

I look in a light/frivolous way at things
That perhaps are heavy
For example I know that I am a short distance
Between two pavements
I cross it with all my speed… why?
And because I plunge on/venture out with my voice
(picture's source)
I always stumble on/trip over the air
And the first drop that trickles from my forehead
Instead of drying out
Drowns me
I look in a light way at things
I know to be heavy
That is a moment of truth
As for me, I am pure imagination
A buzzing light
Crashing around in a thicket/bush
And whoever finds my words
Will find a large stone
You can easily Throw it in my face.
"Speed" By ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for sharing this video. May Allah guide all of us to His right path & help us prepare for our final destination. May Allah reward you with Jannah for your effort.

sara said...


"Man’s way leads to a hopeless end.
Allah’s way leads to an endless hope."