Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Few Moments Of Happiness...

"I worked 3 yrs in Alzeihmer's & Parkinson's disease research center, I do not celebrate Christmas so I thought I will go & see Alzeihmer's patients in a nursing home on Christmas. My maternal grand mother died 'cuz of Alzeihmer's. When I used to cut human brains at work I always had so many questions in my mind, like what he used to do, what kinda love he shared? (Cuz mostly patients were men) What kind of books he used to read? What was his fav. food? What was his favourite
color & so many other questions.On Christams day when I entered the nursing home I had this morbid feeling all around me. The nurse came & said I can sit with anyone I like. I saw someone sitting next to the window, sunlight was twinkling on his face through the window glass, I wanded my way towards him & petted on his slender shoulders. A coy smile teased his lips, he got up, hands tensely dug in his pockets and said HI to me, I smiled back & said nice to meet you "S" but I know he didn't even remember his name. I held his hand & we sauntered slowly down the hallway & all of a suddenhe said "FROOOOO" I acted like a skeptical listener & said pardon me? but he went quiet, I saw a glimmer of disapproval in his eyes. We continued to saunter our way down the hallway. Asked him to relax and offered him a chair, he said thanks and sat down. I started reading his history from the file one of the nurses handed me like how he got here & what happened to him. What I found out that he was a very good immigration lawyer, he left practicing since Alzeihmer's attacked him & he used to pet FROGS from all around the world !!We talked for a while. He asked few things about me. I made a frog on a paper & asked him what is it? He kept looking at it but couldn't recall the name. It was heart wrenching & I could see the dying embers of his past from his face which seemed so insipid. He wanted to share so many stories with me but he couldn't, I saw tears welled down his cheeks :( I couldn't control myself & started weeping as I felt so bad for him not just for him for all the patients who are suffering from Alzeihmer's & I have a very soft corner for them in my heart...I wish & pray for their health from the deepest core of my heart. Anyways when he saw me weeping he timorously took few steps towards me & said "I like you." He wiped his tears & tittered. I was so baffled he kept surprising me, I smiled back while blowing my nose. He held the paper tight in his hands with an impish look in his eyes, after staring at it for next few minutes with a huge frown he said FROG in a croaky voice, I forgot crying & started jumping all over ther place. I hugged him tightly & cackled. I promised him I'm gonna come & see him again."
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بحب مصر said...

happy fruitful feast for you
i like ur blog so much , it reflect how faithful are you
may be u create a feedback address for ur blog so me and others can put it on the blogger readers

sara said...

To you too..
Hope 'and Allah i'm that faithful.. faithful enough to get to His ferdous..
I dunno what ur talkin about, regarding my feedback address!! Sorry!

DG said...

He is asking about your RSS feed address. My feed reader tells me that your feed address is:

My suggestion is that you subscribe to Feedburner & then put the logo for your feeds on your blog so others can easily add you :-)

If you still need help, don't hesitate to ask :-)

sara said...

Jazak Allah kol ma howa khair, fe donia wa akhira.. amen.