Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Soul, Heart, Mind & Body..

He appeared to me
like an unexpected dream.
Unreal in a landscape of his own
I could fight neither fire nor water.
Circumstances mould boundries
Our hearts smashing through
Invisible wings carrying us
meeting halfway ascending the staircase to heaven
stepping through time
We journeyed through to the Soul
of the other
the journey transcended both our
The meeting of spirit bearing gifts
Like the four corners of a blanket
Being drawn together
Soul, Heart, Mind and Body
It is here that I find my peace.
A delicate instruction of Heave made manifest
On Earth.
But promised to another
The liquid in my veins ruptured
My wings dissolved.

Barely had I known this stranger
Barely had I heard his name on my breath
And yet his abscence
A transparent hole in my life
Visible to none other than myself
A sacred meeting took place
in space and time
hidden from me
hidden from him
Between us.
I can only think
This has been no mere twist of fate,
no lucky accident at all.
Because the Love we know,
Flows up from the ground, bursting forth
It pours from the Heavens
Saturating us
Trying to step aside
I am surrounded
I am covered
One as much as the other
It breathes a life of it's own
So unfathomable, yet simple, effortless
Heaven has chosen to share her Light with us
Do we shine it onto this world
Do we choose it, or the insipid wantings and wanings of this world
"Love one Another"

~BY ..~


Anonymous said...

this is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Mashallah lovely poem, very touching words. Thanks for sharing :-)

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Shot is great too :-)