Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Uhh give me one mo' chance
I don't wanna burn the bond between us
Uhh gotta piece of mind
Open it up and ride it with us
On and on
We go - hand in hand
We ride - side by side


sara said...

SubhanAllah, this pic was taken almost two months ago, on eid's first morning..
After coming back from salatul eid, baba stood next to the gate keepers, and the moment was captured..
May Allah assist them and give them patience.. The ill-treatment they're getting isn't li'l..

sara said...

Oh, and this is farha in baba's arm..
I love baba's arms, and farha's hug, and smell.. mmmmmmmm.. Delicious..
Yummy yummy.. ;)

Anonymous said...

is baba and farha .. grandma and grandpa or something else, what language?
everyone from pittsburgh knows a baba, big serb population..
in Italian it's nonno and nonni.
when I close my eyes I can still smell my nonni's house... tomatos and bread.

sara said...

'baba' = dady in the slange arabic, and in classical arabic its 'aby'

faraha = is a girl's name, and it means happiness..

And I know what your talking about!! I can smell too all different memories!!

Love you Leanne..