Thursday, September 17, 2009

I only wanted to....


When will I stop making mistakes? When will I learn it all? When will I know when/how to do ONLY the right things? I guess never..

I believe before my graduation day, I'd never get that A*.. Maybe after I graduate, and somewhere up there, I'd be perfectly clear on how to be always right.. But until then.... But until then, I have to accept the fact of not ever reaching that A*..

I'd like to thank all of those whom have loved me with my mistakes & accepted me as I am.. I promise I'd always do the best I can & love you all the best I can.. And sorry if my love for any of you comes out the wrong way or takes us the wrong direction, that would surely not be my intent.. Definitely not..


Sorry for ruining it all,

You know I didn't ever mean to..

I'd never ever want to see you fall,

Nor ever ever ever dare to..

I borrowed your love for blue to paint,

Your world with love that doesn't faint..

Not to ever make YOU blue,

Or hurt you all the way through..

Sorry now, yesterday & tomorrow,

And I wish I can never cause any sorrow..


Small Blue Thing said...

Of course all of us make mistakes, but mistakes are part of this paint in our canvas, you know? We can't reach knowledge without making mistakes from time to time. And for when someone makes a mistake on us, here's the chance to learn too _learn to forgive :)

sara said...

So true dearest, so true.. The thing is, when you love others, you never wanna do them wrong, so that's all.. Anyways..

It's surely also a big forgiveness lesson.. Putting us in their shoes when their turn comes..


May Allah forgive me for all my shortcomings & may all of those I've harmed or caused any discomfort to forgive me.. Amen..


And btw dearest, I praise the Lord for letting you be a part of that beautiful paint on my canvas <3